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Glenn Youngkin political views

On 3rd November 2021 morning, Democrat Terry McAuliffe conceded defeat to Republican Glenn Youngkin in Virginia’s governor contest.

Before entering politics, Youngkin worked for The Carlyle Group for 25 years as a private equity investor. From 2014 through 2018, McAuliffe served as Virginia’s Governor.

What new things will Youngkin bring?

The Virginians showed complete faith in Glenn Youngkin political views, which is probably why he won the elections.  

Aside from “preserving and protecting the personal liberties and constitutional rights of Virginia,” Youngkin promised to “create employment, cut living costs, and revitalize the state’s economy,” according to his campaign website.

Asked about the COVID-19 vaccination in September, Youngkin stated he “promotes getting vaccination” but opposes mandatory vaccine policies.

The race to be the Governor:

As one of two states to host a governor’s race in 2021, Virginia’s elections received worldwide attention. For the first time in Virginia’s Governor’s election, McAuliffe and Youngkin raised more than $88 million in total campaign funds, breaking the previous fundraising record. As a result, the race was likely to be widely monitored in elections in the nation in 2022 and beyond.  

Following Youngkin’s victory, the Republican Governors Association issued a statement. They stated they were happy to have contributed over $14 million to his campaign. 

Glenn Youngkin won a hard-fought election that many thoughts were impossible for Republicans to win, Doug Ducey and the RGA Chairman and Governor announced. For candidates nationwide, Glenn has set a new standard of excellence and inspiration.” In addition, a lack of national surrogates for Glenn allowed him to engage directly with the people of Virginia on the Glenn Youngkin political views that mattered most to them. Throughout the general election, the RGA worked closely with Glenn and looked forward to greeting him as Virginia’s next Governor.”  

He was congratulated on his victory by Virginia’s current Governor, Ralph Northam. He stated that he was thrilled to speak with newly elected Glenn Youngkin this morning to congratulate him on his election as Governor of the most significant Commonwealth in the world. They will meet in person for the first time tomorrow to help ease the transition to his administration. 

“We can all take pride in the fact that Virginia successfully held a free and fair election this time around with the utmost professionalism,”- he stated. Even if you disagree with the outcome and Glenn Youngkin political views, you should still accept it. It is with gratitude that I express my appreciation to the Virginia Department of Elections, registrars, and poll workers, as well as all of the volunteers who make our democratic system possible. Their dedication and morality are unwavering”-he signed off.


Virginians are expecting Mr. Youngkin to carry on the excellent work in Virginia that involves:

  • delivering fresh capital investment of $77 billion and the creation of 100,000 jobs,
  • providing the state with its largest-ever financial reserve,
  • improving the business climate and workforce in Virginia
  • record investment in public education
  • Extending free community college and health care to those who can’t afford it;
  • delivery of high-speed internet access with renewable electricity
  • achieving one of the top ten state vaccination rates, and
  • Making it easier to vote.


While delivering the most progressive agenda in the country and maintaining longstanding traditions of budgetary management and economic stewardship, Virginia has done something unprecedented in the United States during the last four years. As a result, Virginia has become a more inviting, open, and inclusive place to live. Virginians are confident that this vital work will go on under Mr. Youngkin’s leadership.

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