Global Wind Day 2020 History Wiki Info Importance & Details

Global Wind Day History Wiki Info Importance & Details: There are numerous possibilities from where we can get our energy resources. Yet, none of them are as clean, eco-friendly and clear as wind.  Global wind day is celebrated globally on the 15th of June every year

Global Wind Day 2020

Organized in collaboration by Wind Europe and Global Wind Energy council (GWEC), this day celebrates the importance of wind as a source of energy. Wind energy has tremendous importance as a non -renewable source that our coming generation might have to depend on, that is why we should find out more information about Wind energy.

On the 15th of June every year, parents and children across the globe engage in fruitful conversations on how to optimize wind as a source of energy, how to spread information across globally and how it has the potential in itself to change the world. In collaboration with their cross-border organizations of GWEC and EWEA, National Wind organizations of various countries hold several events on this day.

Global Wind Day History

These events are very intriguing, they include visits to offshore and onshore wind farms, workshops, information campaigns, demonstrations on how to set up a windmill and actually setting on thousands of turbines in several countries globally. It is also known for its infamous Wind Parade.

Last year. GWEC and WindEurope organized a photo competition of sorts called “Future Winds”. It turned out to be an absolute gem of an event, wherein it received around 600 photographs from around 50 active counties!

According to the GWEC, wind energy can not only produce jobs in every aspect related to it, it moreover has the potential to save the world from a totally running out of non-renewable energy resources. Energy is next to oxygen, and once it depletes, humans cannot exist at all.

Wind energy is moreover cost-effective, it increases energy supply thereby generating money to all the platforms across various factors.

Global Wind Day 2020

Global Wind Day facts

  • Albert Bretz ( 1885-1968) was the pioneer of wind turning technology and an eminent German physicist whose legacy is still continued and is remembered in contemporary times.
  • Saturn and Neptune are two of those planets that have the most amount of find flowing across them!
  • The blades of a wind turbine can averagely pick up a speed upto 200km/hr
  • Brush Turbine was allegedly the first wind turbine to come with an automatic air generator, built in 1888 and it layed down the foundation for wind turbines of present times!
  • Wind energy in particular grows in Latin America. According to the WWEA report, it is produced in a massive scale in Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Nicaragua and Chile
  • Around 30 trillion bottles of water in the US alone will be saved by Wind energy.
  • As a result, it is the fastest growing mode of producing energy on the planet.
  • Alta Wind energy Centre, California has the largest number of turbines i.e 586, making it the biggest wind from globally!

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