Google Fiber 2025 Plans Include Las Vegas

Google Fiber 2025 Plans Include Las Vegas

As per the Connect Blog post, G-Fiber has announced that it is planning to expand its high-speed GFiber broadband service to the City of Las Vegas.

GFiber broadband service will be capable of delivering speeds of up to 8 Gbps, which implies that both download and upload speeds will be up to 8 gigabits per second.

The deployment is not yet confirmed and the Las Vegas City Council is “currently considering” an agreement with Google Fiber and is expected to vote on this matter in June.

If approved, Google Fiber plans to start the engineering design work for Las Vegas to begin the construction early next year and services will be provided to customers by 2025.

Additionally, Google had previously announced in February that it intends to extend its fiber broadband services to other areas within Clark County, where Las Vegas is situated.

Ashley Church, general manager of Google Fiber’s West region, said in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “That is a big factor in the timing of how quickly we can build out the project, as well as just knowing how many permits we can get done and get through to get the building started.”

He added, “We are targeting to have services available up somewhere around midyear next year, 2025.”

Previously, Church stated that GFiber’s basic package offers 1 gigabit per second speed for $70 a month, which is likely to be enough for residential internet service.

According to the company, Google Fiber’s plan will include the necessary equipment, unlimited data, and free installation.

People who want to stay updated on the progress can sign up for updates at the Google Fiber Website.

Google Fiber 2025 Plans Include Las Vegas
Google Fiber 2025 Plans Include Las Vegas

Broadband service in Las Vegas

With rising demand for high-speed internet services, Las Vegas is an attractive market for broadband providers.

It was the first market to be announced for the Gigapower joint venture initiated by AT&T and investment firm BlackRock.

This venture aimed to deploy fiber to 1.5 million locations using an open-access model, potentially providing significant competition for Google Fiber.

However, other broadband services providers, such as Lumen/CenturyLink and Cox Communications, both offer high-speed internet services in various parts of the city.

Additionally, fixed wireless services are also aiding the competition.

Cox has established a strong presence in Las Vegas and other parts of Clark County.

The company has undertaken several initiatives, including smart city projects, which have strengthened its relationship with local authorities and the community which can be a challenging market for Google Fiber.

However, Google Fiber has also been actively broadening its service areas over the past year. The company’s move to enter the Las Vegas market is part of this broader strategy to grow its footprint.

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