Google Fiber appoints first growth officer

Google Fiber appoints first growth officer

Google Fiber has appointed the first Growth Officer to supervise the company’s overall development.

Here are the details of the news.

Google Fiber appoints first growth officer

Google Fiber, a fibre broadband Internet service provider in the United States, announced its first Chief Growth Officer (CGO) last week.

Melani Griffith, who has served as Google Fiber’s vice president of customer engagement for five years, has been appointed as the company’s first CGO.

Concerning her new role, Griffith said, “The role is so important because we’re going to do something, frankly, that nobody else has ever done. We are going to redefine the customer experience. We’re already starting to do that. We have a lot more to do, and we will continue to do that.”

In an announcement, the company said the new role will manage the customer lifespan from brand and marketing, sales, digital, customer service and public relations.

Soon, upon holding the position, the newly appointed CGO asserted her objective to increase the company’s customer base. Griffith said, “Having a great experience for our customers is as important to me, if not more important, than how I’m growing the overall customer base.”

“Customers look around because they’re fundamentally unhappy with the service they’re getting already. We are going to make sure they’re not because we are going to have a transformational customer experience,” added Griffith.

Google Fiber appoints Melani Griffith as first growth officer
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Along with the first-ever new position, Google Fibre also announced its new plans and actions to be executed in the upcoming years to offer better experiences to people and expand its services nationwide.

The company is focusing on “personalizing customer experience” to offer better communication between customers and the company.

Griffith said, “We are in a growth mode. The growth part is incredibly important. But equal to the growth part is making sure that we are giving our customers a transformational experience so that they want to remain our customers.”

Griffith has also pointed out the need for the internet for the people, saying, “For people, the internet is their lifeblood, and we have not treated our customers with the same recognition of how important it is as an industry. We need to recognize that this experience is incredibly important to them.”

Griffith is a skilled businesswoman who possesses years of experience in many telecommunications industries, including Rogers Communications, Time Warner, Insight Communications and AMC Networks, while serving in different departments in these organizations, such as sales, marketing, and content acquisition.

She had previously worked on the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing ( CTAM) board and the national board of directors for Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT).

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