Google Launches Gemini AI for Workspace Tools at $20

Google Launches Gemini AI for Workspace Tools at $20

Google is a multinational technology firm based in the United States. It specializes in cloud computing, computer software, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, online advertising, search engine technology, and consumer electronics.

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Google Launches Gemini AI for Workspace Tools at $20

In August last year, the Alphabet unit launched “Duet AI in Workspace.” This is nothing but a group of AI assistants that businesses can use to write, draft emails, and generate custom visuals through apps such as Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Slides, respectively.

It was a set of AI assistants that could provide business capabilities and came at a monthly price of $30 per user.

The “Duet AI in Workspace” is being rebranded as “Gemini for Google Workspace.” In a blog post on Wednesday, Google announced that Duet AI for Google Workspace, which provided AI integration with well-known applications, will now be known as Gemini for Google Workspace.

The prices have all been updated and made into affordable options with various features.

Gemini Business is a more affordable option designed to assist both large and small enterprises incorporate generative AI in Workspace.

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The first plan is called “Gemini Business,” which costs $20 per month/per user.

With an annual commitment, this plan allows users to experience things like “Help me write in Docs and Gmail,” “Enhanced Smart Fill in Sheets,” and “image generation in Slides.” It also incorporates the Gemini chatbot’s “1.0 Ultra” model.

Google Launch Gemini AI for Workspace Tools at $20
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However, utilizing the Gemini AI features under this $20 package is limited to “1,000 times per month.” Any Workspace business user may purchase Gemini Business by clicking a “Get started” option at the checkout website.

The second plan, called “Gemini Enterprise,” costs $30 per month/per user, which also carries an annual subscription commitment. However, this plan has no usage restrictions and can only be obtained via “contact sales” and not through the standard checkout process like Gemini Business.

Gemini Enterprise offers “Additional capabilities for AI-powered meetings, where Gemini can translate closed captions in more than 100 language pairs, and soon even take meeting notes.”

Depending on the needs and features, Gemini Business and Enterprise differ greatly and offer various capabilities.

Additionally, Google noted that individual users can use Gemini by subscribing to Google One AI Premium, which offers more Gmail, Drive, and Photos features and storage.

Users of Google Workspace will also have access to a stand-alone chat service called “Chat with Gemini.” It also guarantees that discussions on this platform won’t be utilized for commercial benefit.

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Businesses are rushing to launch generative AI-based services because this technology is considered an important advancement, drawing billions of dollars in investments and consumer interest due to its capacity to automate processes and generate human-like replies.

With upcoming products like the GPT-4 model and the picture-generating tool DALL·E, priced at $20 per user for people and $25 per user for businesses, Google also hopes to improve its standing in the AI sector, competing with OpenAI.

By expanding its AI capabilities, Google is also attempting to compete in the rapidly changing AI-powered tools and services market.

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