The 32-member Governors’ Ethanol Coalition elected new chairs and vice chairs in Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman. Tim Pawlenty, the governor of Minnesota, served as the group’s chair until the end of December.

“The nation’s investment in ethanol is paying off, and by 2012, homegrown ethanol and biodiesel will have replaced five percent of the country’s transportation fuel. That is a fantastic accomplishment, “added Governor Sebelius. She stated that her coworkers are still “very anxious” about the nation and our states due to the combination of rising global rivalry for oil supply and the significant transfer of our wealth to unstable oil-producing countries.

In addition to working with Congress to secure adequate funding for the federal government’s biofuels research, development, and demonstration programmes authorised by the recently passed Energy Policy Act of 2005, Governor Sebelius stated that the Coalition will continue to advocate for the expansion of ethanol production from a wider range of feedstocks, including cellulosic sources.

Both Governors Sebelius and Heineman concur that the market for biofuels has promise for the future. “Real fuel diversification for the country may be achieved by increasing biofuel output. Recent interruptions to the country’s natural gas and oil supply have shown that diversifying supply and distribution are the foundations of energy security “said Governor Heineman.

The two governors urged the Secretaries of Agriculture and Energy to take part in a study that would look at the best ways to accomplish a development of the country’s biofuels business in a letter sent out today.

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