Graham Allen’s net worth, career & more

Graham Allen's net worth

Graham Allen is a former Army Staff Sergeant and he is also a 12 years Army Combat Veteran who has made the fastest growing social media platforms in the country. Allen is responsible for a Hit TV Show, Rant nation, with over 1 billion views and over 3 Million Followers.


Allen is also a USA Contributor who was named for 22 Veterans to Watch in 2017 by Huffington Post.  Further, he is also the founder of Graham Allen Media LLC and Editor and Chief at

Graham Allen was born on 27th January 1987 in Florida in the United States.  He grew up with his parents, and at an early stage, Allen wasn’t really good at studying. Allen wanted to join the military; he was inspired by his father, who was also an Army Veteran.

Graham Allen and Trump

He is an American and currently lives in Mississippi. He is married to Elisa Allen. Graham’s wife is the president of the Dear America Foundation founded by her husband, Allen. She also is the co-founder of Nine Twelve United. Allen has two sons whose names are unknown.

They have a  younger daughter, Anna Grace who is very close to her father’s heart. Allen is very vocal about his love for his daughter. He has expressed on multiple occasions that he would give his life to protect her and wouldn’t let anyone hurt her even for a second.

Graham Allen’s Early Life And Family

Graham Allen studied at Baking Abbey School after he was born in Ireland on 23rd December 1963. The University of Wales awarded him an honors degree in English and a first-class BA from St. David’s College. In 1992, he completed his Ph.D. at the University of Sheffield.

Graham Allen’s net worth

Graham has had a very interesting career. First, Allen served the nation as an Army Staff Sergeant and Army Combat Veteran for 12 years. And now, Graham is responsible for one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the country. Allen has a YouTube channel that is growing exponentially.

Graham Allen's net worth

Furthermore, Allen has also started his show on Blaze TV. Furthermore, Graham Allen is also a Turning Point USA Contributor. In 2017 he was Named in Huffington Post’s 22 Veterans To Watch 2017. If we are to consider all his contributions and achievements, it can be said that Graham has reached heights in his career. Therefore, adding up all the earnings that he has made throughout, His worth as of 2022 is estimated to be around $2 Million.

Graham Allen’s career

Graham Allen, after retiring and serving in the military for 12 years, started making Rant videos on social media. Allen first started making the video in 2016; however, he was not so sure or wasn’t serious that what he was going to make would be a hit when he first made the video.

Graham Allen's net worth

Allen took his first video while on a recruiting tour in Anderson, South Carolina. Allen was overtaken by an older person driving at high speed on the road; after that, he pulled over his car and started ranting t on bad drivers and posted it online where the video got a good response.

Graham Allen's net worth

Graham wasn’t sure to keep making a video. After having a good response to his video, he was pressured and landed on the tv show ‘RANT NATION’ on Blaze TV. Graham Allen Partners invests in its first portfolio company, Data Realty. Partners include entrepreneurs Rich Carlton and Tom Panozzo and others

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