Greg Gutfeld: Biden Loves To Scream “World War III”

Greg Gutfeld: Biden Loves To Scream "World War III"

In the live show of LVIV, Jonathan Hunt welcomed everyone with a great smile on his face. The conversation started in a sarcastic manner wherein he stated about his dog whose name was Chipper. The topic of discussion was our President Joe Biden’s speech.

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In his live show, Jon mentioned how Biden loves to scream “World War III ” in a continuous manner. He stated this to be a weird habit too. In one of his speeches, Joe mentioned the different cultures and a free environment future. Biden also stated with a statement that “this man cannot remain in power”.

And the statement given by Biden was the highlighting point for Jonathan in his interview. Jonathan said that if Biden is speaking about someone who cannot be in power that it is quite evident that he is not speaking about himself.

Jonathan said that Biden had put up a new regime pushing world war completely into a new phase. He said that Biden could have also mentioned taking nourishing care of Russia completely unless Biden does it in the first place.

Greg Gutfeld

People thought that it was not their policy to topple Putin. But eventually, it worked well along with dating a stripper too. He mentioned Biden throwing gas at $6 a gallon which is completely a violation of international law.

The speech delivered by Joe Biden was quite impressive. He mentioned all the details he wanted in a clear-cut manner. Biden was very clear about the fact that he wanted Putin out in a complete manner. Without any discussion from Putin’s side.

Very strong and remarkable words were given by Joe Biden in his speech that “this man cannot remain in power” These words mentioned Biden was so strong that they got erased in panic. Biden mentioned their fight for democracy which will prevail very soon amongst the public.

The higher the stakes, the more Biden Screws up

Comments given by Joe Biden completely showed that a regime change in Russia shows his complete disability to manage on the world stage.

In an interview, Jonathan mentioned how his dog used to drive him crazy as they used to stay in a place where there was a lot of noise and traffic. But whenever a dog wanted to pee he always used to go to the park and pee and not run into the Traffic.

But it’s been observed that Biden doesn’t like the same. Instead of walking down silently into the park, he loves to go into the street and scream “World War III” continuously and loudly.

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The funny part of the speech was how Joe had been forcefully proclaiming about his regime talk only. Just the way an escaped prisoner is running back to his own safeguard cell.

Biden made it very clear that Putin will not be allowed to use his powers in his region which comes before the neighbours. He never discussed Putin’s power towards Russia or regime change.

Biden also made it clear about not introducing any new policies. He just expressed his outrage for which he does not feel guilty and will not be apologetic for the same.

The Bottom Line

It is sad to mention that Joe has been a part of Politics for over five decades now. If we count his first year as president then he has completed his six decades in the world of politics.

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He has met all the players in world politics and he knows Ukraine inside out in a complete manner. But Biden is a fine example of the saying that the longer you stay in politics the dumber you become. Being into politics is the only profession where your number of experiences goes completely against you.

Therefore, the higher the stakes the Biden screws up more. People are well aware of how Putin violated International Laws. So why should we help by indulging more fear?

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