Gregg Phillips Net Worth – How much is he worth?

Gregg Phillips Net Worth

We all know Gregg Phillips and his work, but if you ever wonder how much is he worth? What is Gregg Phillips’s Net Worth for the 2022 year? If not, then read on to know him from the start. 

Gregg Allen Phillips was born in the year 1960. He is the former head of the Mississippi Department of Human Services and the writer of a tweet quoted by U.S Former President Donal Trump, which is faulty, alleges, without any proof, that between three and five million non-citizens voted in the year 2016 election.

In a political movie, 2000 Mules which was released in the year 2022, in that movie, Gregg materialized n Dinesh D’Souza’s debunked. Gregg also claimed to have forty years of election integrity and research experience. Unfortunately, it was a false statement given by Gregg. 

Gregg Phillips net worth
Gregg Phillips

Gregg was a partner with a Texas-based project, the partisan conservative organization named True The Vote, which is a wrong statement that alleges the spread of voter fraud during the year 2020 election. However, he still had no evidence provided that there was any fraud on any records. 

Gregg Phillips Net Worth 2022

Gregg Phillips has a net worth of $5 million approximately which he earned from his occupation as an Activist. Gregg is popularly well known as the Activist of Unknow. 

He is seen as one of the most successful activists of all time. After his formal education, he entered a career as an activist, which is the primary source of earnings for a successful unknown activist.

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Gregg Phillips Career

During the 1990s, Gregg campaigned for Republican Gubernatorial nominee Kirk Fordice. After a year of his election, Governor Fordice 1993 elected Phillips to head the Mississippi Department of Human Services.

The Mississippi state Senate granted his nomination despite a disparity in Gregg’s resume uncovered by the Mississippi Joint Committee on Performance Evaluation and expenditure review. 

Gregg Phillips Career

In 1994, he privatized the child support group in two Mississippi counties by signing a contract with a private company based in Virginia. 

In 1995, Gregg left the department of Human Services under fire from the Legislature for his management of the state welfare agendas.

Phillips was employed by Synesis corporation, a division of Centec learning, which had an $878,0000 contract to lease mobile learning labs to the university of Mississippi at Oxford as part of LEAP. When he headed the Department of Human Services, Gregg condoned it as a literacy program.

Phillips functioned as Deputy Commissioner for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission between March 2009 to August 2004. Phillips took the help of Chris Britton, a private consultant, to draft a 2003 bill privatizing Texas’s $1 billion human services system. 

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The Houston Chronicle found that a company started by Phillips and another company of Britton’s received a $ 670,000 state contract from the Texas workforce commission in 2004. 

Gregg operated in the healthcare analytics firm AutoGov. He describes himself as a vocal conservative who established a Health care data company. 

Gregg is the founder and chief executive at CoverMe, Autogov, HHSC, GHT development, and the Mississippi Department of Human Services. 

Gregg Philips Family

Presently Gregg is single, and he is not dating anyone. We don’t have much information about his past relationship; according to the database, he has no children.

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