Haikyuu Chapter 400 is out: Read Spoilers, Recap, & New Details

Haikyuu Chapter 400

Haikyuu Chapter 400: Every single Haikyuu fan who reads manga knew that the manga series is going to end real soon, but it might be sooner than expected. A new update came out yesterday teasing that the series will end this month. The announcement came in the news feature of Aniradio yesterday, which means the news is very trustable.

Haikyuu has a huge fanbase both in Japan and outside Japan, so it’s natural that this news is going to break many heats at once. But every great story must come to an end, and the time for Haikyuu to end is now. The amazing journey of Hinata Shoyo from being an amateur at volleyball to be one of the best players in Japan is astounding, amazing, and heart-wrenching. We have followed Hinata from being unable to get the serve over the net to be able to get service ace in one of the most star-studded matches ever.

Haikyuu Chapter 400 Release Date

Furudate already told us that the current arc of the manga will be the last. Manga won’t be continuing after this. So every fan already was a bit emotional while starting this arc. But a new update has revealed that the manga will be ending much sooner than we thought. It was revealed that the manga will end at the end of this month.

According to the reports, chapter 402 will be the last chapter of the manga and both chapters 401 and 402 will be extended. Which means they will have more pages than usual. Usually, Haikyuu manga has 15-16 pages but extended version might have somewhat of 35-40 pages. It’s been reported that Haikyuu will have a colored cover page for all three chapters. With Chapter 400 out now, it is expected that the series will end before 27th July. Because on 27th July a special celebration of completed works for Jump GIGA will take place in Japan and Haikyuu is listed on that.

Haikyuu Chapter 400: What went down

Chapter 400 starts with Kageyama’s serve and its an intense serve again, but this time not towards Hinata but towards the libero Inunaki, who with immense difficulty digs out the serve and Miya toss it towards Bokuto who is shut down by the Adlers. It’s the 4th consecutive point for Adlers and now they are in lead.

Kageyama serves again and this time Sakusa receives the serve and score the point himself. With Bokuto up to serve now, he must be in a bad mood after the last shutdown. Right? No, he did an intense serve which is received by Hoishumi but it got carried right over the net in the court of Black Jackals. With this chance, ball Miya toss it towards Bokuto to finish it himself and he dinks the ball over the wall and gets his point back.

With this intense match going on Ushijima did an insane spike that left everyone in awe. With the score now to 23-23, Miya gets the ball in a peculiar position to toss and Hinata seeing this just runs towards the net for a back minus tempo smash. Miya who was not in a good position, still gives a perfect minus tempo pass to Hinata, but Kageyama already saw it and was there to block it but Hinata who might be seeing everything in slow motion now smashes the ball through the gap and gets the point for Jackals.

Then Romeo scores and after that Shugo scores to make the score 25-24. With the match on the line, Kageyama did an amazing toss to Romeo with his back towards the net, and Romeo dinks the ball, But Hinata is there again to receive it. Bokuto toss the ball to Hinata and Hinata is going for a smash while Kageyama jumps to block it.

Haikyuu Chapter 401 Predictions

Now the match can only go one way, if Hinata scores Jackals will win the match but if Kageyama blocks it the match will continue. With the report of getting two new extended chapters, we still think that adlers will win this set and the match will go the fifth set for a final showdown between both teams.

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