Haikyuu Chapter 402 Finale Review and Spoilers: Check Updates Here

Haikyuu Chapter 402

Haikyuu Chapter 402(Finale) Review, Spoilers: Finally, after 8.5 years, 45 Volumes and 402 chapters Haikyuu has officially ended. In the words of Tendou Satori “Farewell, My Paradise”. There was something really special about Haikyuu, It’s characters that you wanted to root for, It’s storyline that you were interested in since the first chapter, that inspiration, enthusiasm, thrill, blood rush and everything you got while reading Haikyuu, none of it can be replaced by any other manga, no matter how good it is.

Haikyuu Chapter 402

Haikyuu was something special and something unique. The quality of the manga was the same from start to finish. Karasuno wasn’t any other team, it was our High School Volleyball team and in the last few chapters, it was like we were just clinging onto them while reading about how good Hinata has become. It’s really sad that Haikyuu has to end, but it has left us with so many memories that we can cherish for as long as we want.

And Haikyuu is one of those mangas that you can read again and again without losing even a little bit of interest. Also Read  One Piece Episode 934 Release Date, Preview, Review, and Spoilers

Haikyuu Chapter 402 Recap/Spoilers

Well, what can I say, Haikyuu’s last chapter was just a love letter to all of us. So, many old faces, so many memories, it was just a wind of nostalgia and it was just lots of crying. Every major or minor character that we love and cherish made his/her comeback in one way or another. Some were just shown in the background, but well, you can’t summon whole 8 years in just 21 pages, can you? This chapter had so many references and it was like we have gone a full circle and we are right where we started.

  • Kageyama and Hinata were on the same team after a lengthy break and you know what jersey number they were wearing??? It was 9 and 10 respectively. The same jersey we have seen them wearing so many times with our eyes.
  • Oikawa was in the Argentina team in the Olympics. And he was wearing jersey number 13, which was worn by his idol Jose Blanco in the past. So, that guy is living his dream right now.
  • After the Inarazaki lost their match against Karasuno there was a moment when Miya Brothers told Kita that they will be the kind of players that he can brag about to his grandchildren. Well, Kita in his last chapter was bragging about them to his grandmother.
  • And our beloved Tsukishima saying that while watching Hinata and Kageyama he can’t stop himself from moving, he has come a long way down, hasn’t he?
  • There was also a panel where a kid was watching Hinata on a general store TV while riding his bicycle and you all know how Hinata’s journey was started. Who is cutting all these onions man????
  • And that whole flashback parade when Hinata and Kageyama were going for their super-fast quick. Sawamura Senpai giving them the letter that they can’t filled without beating them, Tanaka Senpai giving them the keys to the court, Nishinoya broad back saying that he’s here and the ball will not touch the ground till he is here, Tsukishima looking down on Hinata after stopping him for the first time, Ennoshita screaming “BRING IT ONN” and at last Takeda Sensei saying that “Does losing proves that you are weak”? Can I just go and cry now??
  • And at last Hinata and Kageyama facing off, a throwback to the first chapter of Haikyuu.

We are not going to read any other manga like this ever again. And I just want to say that thankyou Furudate Sensei, for giving us all these memories that we can cherish for the rest of our lives.

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