Haley’s Allies Bet on ‘Super Tuesday’ Amid Challenges

Haley's Allies Bet on 'Super Tuesday' Amid Challenges

The Pro-Haley political operatives and regulatory filings reveal that individuals who support Nikki Haley’s pursuit of the Republican presidential nomination are heavily funding states that host early March nominating contests.

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Haley’s Allies Bet on ‘Super Tuesday’ Amid Challenges

The heightened efforts in recent days are indicative of a growing sense of doubt that Haley can pull off an unexpected victory in her home state of South Carolina. On the other hand, former President Donald Trump enjoys significant backing in the state.

Before the state’s primary on Saturday, the former governor, Nikki Haley, traveled the state. Still, she has mostly been unable to reduce Trump’s advantage in opinion polls that are more than thirty points margin.

According to six analysts and supporters of Haley’s nomination, the first five days of March will be her best and last opportunity to regain the race.

Most voters in 21 states and territories will be casting ballots on March 5, known as “Super Tuesday.”

Robert Schwartz, the co-founder of Primary Pivot, an independent super PAC backing Haley’s candidacy, described the state as “South Carolina is a really rough state.

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It’s a very Trump-friendly state.” He added, “Our hope is that Nikki Haley can make it respectable in South Carolina and move on to Super Tuesday.”

Although she lost the first four nominating contests by a wide margin, the long-shot gamble in early March shows how some contributors are still prepared to support her.

Haley Allies Bet on 'Super Tuesday' Amid Challenges
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About a dozen donors, fundraisers, and donor advisors told Reuters that some liked having an anti-Trump candidate. In contrast, others thought that Trump’s four ongoing criminal cases would push him out and make Haley the winner.

Targeting independent voters and Democrats who choose to cast ballots in Republican primaries, Primary Pivot has generated approximately $1 million from both large and small donations.

According to Schwartz, the group has texted people in Super Tuesday states like Maine, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Virginia to support Haley.

Schwartz added that the group has recruited advisers in Michigan and Virginia and is seeking to hire staff in Massachusetts and Minnesota.

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Democratic President Joe Biden is predicted to win many of those states in the November 5 election.

According to Federal Election Commission filings, Americans for Prosperity Action, a super PAC supporting Haley and funded by conservative billionaire Charles Koch, has increased its efforts in states that hold elections in March.

The group revealed on Friday that it had spent $100,000 on campaign workers to knock on doors and have conversations with the voters in Tennessee and North Carolina and also $75,000 in Virginia.

Another pro-Haley super PAC, Stand for America, has directed its funding mostly toward South Carolina.

However, reports revealed that it spent slightly more than $2,000 on anti-Trump text marketing in Texas last week, and a person with knowledge of the group’s operations indicated that it is considering moving into Super Tuesday states.

Haley is close to being eliminated from the competition if she doesn’t perform credibly by early March.

Haley’s campaign has already launched leadership teams in at least five states that will hold early March elections: Alaska, Massachusetts, Idaho, Utah, and Washington. She has also campaigned in Texas and California, two Super Tuesday states.

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