Happy Guru Purnima Images 2020: Guru Purnima Images, Wallpapers, WhatsApp Video Status

Happy Guru Purnima Images

Happy Guru Purnima Images 2020: Guru Purnima Images, Wallpapers, WhatsApp Video Status: The Guru has been awarded a higher position than God because of his importance. In writing itself, the Guru has been accepted as different forms of God – Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwar. 

Happy Guru Purnima Images

Guru is named Brahma because he gives the disciple a new birth. The Guru is named Vishnu because he protects the disciple, the Guru is also named the Maheshwar because he destroys all the defects of the disciple. 

Happy Guru Purnima Images

Happy Guru Purnima Images 2020

The importance of parents and gurus in human life is considered to be paramount worldwide. Because the parents give birth to us, and the Guru advances us to become a good human.

Happy Guru Purnima Images

“You must be born again.” Christ meant that your Guru must give you new birth. The Guru must re-create you after first crushing you. “That is why a Guru is designated as a believer.

Happy Guru Purnima Wallpaper

Through the Guru, we are provided with the eye of knowledge, so that all the objects, conditions, and activities of the world are visible as the lines of the hand. We need a teacher to begin real life.

Selfless love in the eyes, infinite compassion in the heart, discipleship, pure conduct, deep experience, self-respect in nature, ingenuity, a childlike, unblemished image, divine splendor of celibacy and a sense of non-violence towards the Parmaritra enhances Guru’s pride. 


The relationship of Guru Shishya is a sacred relation of faith and love. Although the bond is hidden in this regard, this bond of teacher and student is going to cut off the karmic bond of the world. 

Happy Guru Purnima WhatsApp Video



The foundation of the spirit is compassion, which ultimately climaxes the pinnacle of world love. The gateway to the spiritual world is the realization of self-essence, which can take the disciple to the peak of witnessing, knowledge, and consciousness. 

The journey of Advaita from this eternal duality of Jiva and Pudgal, soul, and body is not possible except for the pathos and visions provided by the Guru and the omission of the ego for the attainment of the purpose.

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