Happy Guru Purnima Quotes 2020: Guru Purnima Quotes Images, Messages, Poems, Sayings 2020

Happy Guru Purnima Quotes 2020

Happy Guru Purnima quotes 2020 – Guru Purnima quotes, messages & Poems: On the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima, I pay my respects to all the gurus in the world. All our saints, sages, and great personalities have attributed great importance to the greatness of Guru. In Sanskrit, ‘Gu’ means darkness (ignorance), and ‘Ru’ means light (knowledge). The Guru takes us from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge.

Every year Guru Purnima festival is celebrated during Ashada Shukla Purnima throughout India. The Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain people celebrate this festival in their way by fasting, worshiping, etc. in honor of his Guru.

Happy Guru Purnima Quotes 2020

Happy Guru Purnima Quotes 2020

Our parents are the first gurus in our lives. They are the ones who taught us to survive in this temporal world. They are the ones who nourished to lead us to speak, walk, and work. Therefore, the place of the parents is primary in our life. We need a guru to keep life going smoothly. The ultimate experience is created only by the Guru.

Happy Guru Purnima Quotes 2020

The Guru’s remarkable contribution to eliminating the poison in the human mind. Maharishi Valmiki, whose previous name was ‘Ratnakar.’ He used to do dasyukram to nurture his family. Maharishi Valmiki Ji composed an epic like Ramayana, and this was only possible when Guru Rupi Narada Ji changed his mind. 

Happy Guru Purnima Poems 2020

The relationship of a disciple of Guru is similar to a bridge. The path of the disciple’s goal is made easier by the grace of the Guru.

Happy Guru Purnima Quotes 2020

Swami Vivekananda had a desire to attain salvation from childhood. His wish was fulfilled only when he received the blessings of Guru Paramahamsa.

A statement or vision of a Guru can change a human being. Fellows, it is necessary to clarify the dedication of Kabir Das to his Guru, because the importance of Guru can be seen more in the couplets of Kabir Das.

The story Behind Guru Purnima

Once Ramanand Ji went to the bathroom of the Ganges, as he descended the stairs, his foot fell on the body of Kabir Das Ji. The word ‘Ram-Ram’ came out of Ramanandji’s mouth. Kabir Das accepted the same word as Diksha Mantra and admitted Ramanand Ji as his Guru. 

It would not be an overstatement to say that Kabir Das Ji has described Guru’s importance in life in his couplets with total self-determination.

The Guru’s place is superior to God. The Sabha Gurus are the basis of our civilized social life. There have been many gurus who educated their disciples in such a way that their disciples changed the course of the nation.

Acharya Chanakya was a great personality who changed the course of Indian history based on his academic ability and abilities. Guru Chanakya is recognized worldwide as a skilled politician and a prolific economist. 

The entire world is familiar with the brilliant talent in raising his valiant disciple Chandragupta Maurya to the position of ruler.

Guru allows us to live a dignified life without damaging our inner mind. The way of seeing the world is found by the grace of the Guru. Guru Mahima, who has been around since ancient times, cannot be written in words.

At the Guru Purnima festival, this is an attempt to make you remember about your Guru. Saying the glory of the Guru is like showing the lamp to the sun. May we all have the grace of the Guru. 

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