Harriet Hageman’s Family, Husband, Children

Harriet Hageman's Family, Husband, Children & more

Not much is public about Harriet Hageman, but on her own website, there is some information about her. However, because this is her own website, an election website at that, things might get a little misleading and some facts about her may not be facts at all. Every phrase or word in the following paragraphs that is in quotation marks is a sentimental view based on emotions, not fact, and it is from her website. So, take everything that I quote from her website with a ludicrously giant grain of corporate salt.

She claims to be a lifelong Wyoming resident, born and raised near Fort Laramie on a ranch. She learned the virtues of “hard labor, integrity, self-sufficiency, and honesty” as a child. She says that they have a long and proud tradition in Wyoming of standing up to an intrusive government. She also claims that they are now fighting back against “huge government bureaucrats” who want to “manage our lands,” “control our lives, and “dictate what we may believe and say.”

Harriet Hageman
Harriet Hageman

She continues further by claiming, “As we’ve been under siege from Washington, D.C., and career politicians,” I’ve “committed” my career to “working for the people” of the wonderful State of Wyoming. “I’ve been fighting back against Federal entities that aim to hijack our liberties with burdensome restrictions for the past 20 years,” she says. In the face of Left-Wing ideologues, I’ve “never allowed my Conservative ideals to be shaken.”

She claims that as an attorney, she “fought” Bill Clinton’s attempt to close one-third of our National Forest Lands, stopped the EPA from seizing control of our irrigation infrastructure and operations, and prevented the USDA from “forcing” our livestock producers to use radio-frequency ear tags and register all of our ranches with the federal government, among other things. “I’m ready to fight for Wyomingites in Congress now,”  she claims.

Harriet Hageman on Controlling Government Spending

Harriet Hageman
Harriet Hageman says it is critical to control our expenditures.

Hageman states on her website, “Our country’s prosperity is frequently based on the affordability of basic necessities such as housing, food, and electricity. Regrettably, terrible government policy has resulted in an inflationary cycle. As the cost of essential commodities rises, Democrats in Congress are demanding even more wasteful expenditure in the billions of dollars. It is critical that we control our expenditures. At the grocery store, at the petrol pump, and in every facet of our life, high inflation is a hidden tax on Americans. Pursuing an agenda that aims to raise the cost of essential commodities is not only immoral, but also cruel, unsustainable, and will reduce everyone’s level of living.”

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Harriet Hageman on Protecting the Unborn

Harriet Hageman says babies are just as human before as after birth
Harriet Hageman says babies are just as human before as after birth

“The right to life is by far the most basic fundamental right we all possess. We’ve been hearing from the Left since the start of the Coronavirus lockdowns that we must “Trust the Science.” However, the Democrats’ public belief in science has its limits. We only need to consider the fact that at the time of conception, a unique human being is established, complete with its own genetic code and separate existence. Within six weeks of conception, babies have a heartbeat. They can feel pain, have dreams while they sleep, and are just as a human before and after birth,” says Hageman on her website.

Harriet Hageman’s family

Harriet Hageman & her husband, John
Harriet Hageman & her husband, John

Harriet Hageman’s spouse is John Hageman. They have attended Orr Alignment’s silver jubilee in May 2018. Whether or not they have children is unknown.

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