Harry Maguire Memes – Harry Maguire arrested for fighting on Greek Holiday, check memes here

Harry Maguire Memes - Harry Maguire arrested for fighting on Greek Holiday, check memes here

Harry Maguire memes have been the latest trend for the netizens, nothing get’s spared on the internet, from the most sensitive topic to the funniest everything is trolled and criticized, a recent trend after the arrest of Harry Maguire for fighting on a greek holiday has caught the heat and the netizens are constantly making memes, jokes and even criticizing such an act in their humorous way.

Harry Maguire arrested for fighting on Greek Holiday.

Harry Maguire Memes - Harry Maguire arrested for fighting on Greek Holiday, check memes here

Manchester United Captain Harry Maguire has been captured on the Greek vacationer island of Mykonos for a supposed ambush and assaulting officials, police said Friday. Joined said in a concise articulation, they were “mindful of a supposed occurrence including Harry Maguire in Mykonos the previous evening.” “Contact has been made with Harry, and he is completely co-working with the Greek specialists.

“As of now, we will offer no further remark,” the club included. A cop in Syros, the capital of the island bunch that incorporates Mykonos, affirmed that the suspects are “three British men, including a British football club player” yet didn’t name Maguire.

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Harry Maguire Memes

Soon after the arrest of Harry Maguire, the internet took him open handedly all the hilarious memes have started people have made these memes just for humour, so enjoy them:

Twitter user the dank meme bot tweets: “Harry Maguire showed more fight against the Greeks than Arsenal did in the Europa League knockout stage. #MEMES #memesdaily #dankmemes.”

Twitter user Steven Gerrard: “Footage of the Harry Maguire incident in Mykonos”


Twitter user ODDSbible tweets: “You see Harry Maguire getting arrested in Mykonos for a fight, but you have to ask where Paul Pogba is in all of this, why didn’t he break up the fight?”

Twitter user Football fights tweets: Harry Maguire getting arrested in Greece yesterday…



While memes are just for fun, netizens must understand that they must not end up bullying anyone over the internet and the internet must be used responsibly.


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