History of Canada Day? How Canada Day is Celebrated

History of Canada Day, How Canada Day is Celebrated

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Before starting this article, let me wish you all a “Happy Canada Day

July 1 is the most special day of Canadian history. This was the day when the country gained its own identity. One of the most developed countries across the world has its own history. So let us take a look at What is Canada day and Why it is celebrated.

History of Canada Day

This most memorable day in Canada is celebrated on July 1. The country has an outstanding reputation across the globe, and Canada never fails to showcase its pride in its history, cultures, and many more accomplishments.

What is Canada Day?

On July 1, 1867, British North America introduced a new country to the world. According to the constitution act 1867, this recently declared country was identified as Canada.

As soon as a homeland name was announced, a federal law decided July 1 as a sanctioned holiday, which later converted into the “Dominion Day.” Finally, on July 1 on October 27, 1982, the “Dominion Day” was officially declared as the Canada Day.

How Canada Day is Celebrated

Since the late 1980s, Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa have been known as one of the most significant celebrations organized in a standard way

Formal ceremonies at noon on Parliament Hill carry the speeches by dignitaries, including the Prime Minister, the Minister of Heritage, and the Governor-General. These events generally include an inspection of the governor general’s military guard and some more popular things, such as dance and music performances. 

Snowbirds flyover is expected on this occasion. The evening events are most popular in their orientation and generally represent a massive concert with the participation of several artists from all over Canada, ended with a gigantic firework. Midday and evening events are usually broadcast on CBC and Radio-Canada.

Communities across the country celebrate this event in different ways. Fireworks are the most common feature, and many organizations host barbecues, picnics, sporting events, and parades.

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