Horsetooth Mountain Open Space, Annual Maintenance Temporarily Closed

Horsetooth Mountain Open Space

Horsetooth Mountain Open Space, The selected trails will be accidentally closed at Horsetooth Mountain Open Space from Monday, June 15 to Friday, July 10, as the Larimer County Natural Resources Department will perform annual maintenance work.

The annual maintenance of the path improves the maintainability of the path and the well-being of customers.

The closings are held Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and allow the staff of the Larimer County Department of Natural Resources trail program to work adequately and efficiently while remaining socially away from trail customers in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Horsetooth Mountain Open Space, Yearly Maintenance Temporarily Closed

Horsetooth Mountain Open Space
Horsetooth Mountain Open Space

Even though Horsetooth Rock Trail and Horsetooth Falls Trails will not be affected by these closures, the path that will be closed during support is West Ridge, Spring Creek, Audra Culver, Wathen, Stout, Carey Springs, Loggers, Mill Creek, Sawmill and wanderer.

As time passes and trail maintenance progresses, updates will be regularly released via web-based networking media, along with a phone application called CORTEX.

Besides, there will be signage at the pits towards the start of the path, which will be placed on roadblocks towards a closed path towards the square crossing points.

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