How 160k Illegal Immigrants are being Released in the U.S?

How 160k Illegal Immigrants are being Released in the U.S?

As per the Border Patrol documents leaked this Wednesday, it is been shown that a large number of Illegal Immigrants are released in the United States this year. This also explains that this situation occurred under the administration of Joe Biden, 46tth President of the United States.

160k Illegal Immigrants Released in the U.S- Explained

If we go by the document that is leaked then there are almost 160K Illegal Immigrants that are released in the United States through which we can figure out that no control was taken under Biden’s administration for the situation that occurred.

As per the documents obtained by Fox News almost Thirty thousand people have been given Parole authorities which means they have been working permits as well since August.

As per the documents that are leaked, it partly shows that there is a huge number of Immigrants that are released in the United States. And the Immigrants released were not under any control or supervision.

According to the reports, at least 94,570 Illegal Immigrants are released since March 20.
Such Immigrants are been given a notice by ICE before they reach their final destination and their destination can be at any part of the Country.

Until then since August 6th, the Biden administration has released approximately 32,000 illegal immigrants using the power of Parole authorities which signifies that these immigrants have also been given the permit to work as well.


As per the Federal Laws, the power used through Parol authorities can only be used in special cases only. This means for the benefit of the public only this power should be used. Only a few people should be allowed only because of humanity. But it is been shown that the use of Parol authorities has been used by the people of the Biden administration to immigrate the large number of Illegal Immigrants which is completely out of the law.


Chief Rodney Scott, the foregoing Border Patrol Chief who had worked for Joe Biden also went through the documents and informed Fox News that people under Biden’s administration have been misusing the power of Parole authorities.

He also mentioned that Parole authority should be used only on an urgent basis as per the Law. This authority should be used only for the public benefit. And the current situation explains that this power was not used for public benefit.

According to Chief Rodney, only five to ten paroles should be allowed to enter and he also mentioned that if required extra number more than ten should be removed as per the situation.

As per the documents that are leaked, since August 6, a further Forty Thousand Illegal Immigrants are also released. The documents also reflected that in Del Rio Sector approximately 128 Illegal immigrants are released in one single day without any supervision.
Figures for September were not released for September but if we see the figures of July and august then there are almost 2 Lakhs immigrants have been released which are the highest till now. If we go by the documents that are leaked, in Rio Grandy Valley approximately 6000 immigrants were released and in Del Rio Sector 3000 immigrants were released in the same week.


According to Mayorkas, because of Covid 19 pandemic, there has been an economic slowdown, increase in violence, and loss of humanity as well. As mentioned by him to Yahoo News this week that the above factors mentioned together have to lead to the immigration of more Illegal Immigrants.

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