How Genshin Impact Became So Popular?

Genshin Impact

How Genshin Impact Became So Popular?

We know for a fact that Mobile Gaming is becoming increasingly popular and growing up at an astronomical rate, leaving behind both Pc and Console gaming in terms of revenue, major part of which is earned through the frequent in-app purchases and advertisements. 

And today we are going to take a look at one of the recently launched Mobile games that has taken the whole world by storm, generating a record-breaking revenue of over 250 Million dollars during the first month of its release on the mobile platform alone, Genshin Impact by miHoYo Studio.

But why and how exactly did Genshin Impact become so popular? Let’s find out:

World-Wide Appeal

The developers of Genshin Impact, miHoYo is a Chinese game studio that specializes in games based on the Anime with stunning art-style and Genshin Impact is no exception to it. The mere fact that China’s game market is so huge and supportive to the local product, played a very important role in the initial success and exposure of the game.

Also the fact that Genshin Impact is an Anime based RPG game, gives it a major advantage as it is one of the very few Anime-based titles that you can play on your mobile devices with so much depth, something that has drawn in a lot of anime fans from all around the world and not only in China.

The game is completely free-to-play which is also a huge plus, as it helps in reaching out to more players and being on multiple platforms (Pc & Console) other than mobile, also gives Genshin Impact a huge advantage over other popular mobile game titles.

Triple-A Quality for Mobile Devices

Mobile games are often seen as casual games and many developers don’t seem to worry much about the high-quality visuals for their mobile titles like they do for any other platforms. Genshin Impact however, provides you with high-quality visuals that almost feel like you are playing a AAA game on your Pc or Console.

And if we just look at the art-style in the game, it is so stunning and mesmerizing that you could spend hours just admiring the beautiful details that the artists have engraved in the game and that is also one of the main reasons why Genshin Impact has become so popular in such a short time, you really don’t see many other games with graphics   quality anywhere near this game.

Gacha-Style Gameplay

Some players and reviewers believe that the gacha-style gameplay may as well be the secret behind Genshin Impact’s rapid popularity. Genshin Impact utilizes a “Gacha” system that lets the players unlock characters and items based on their in-game currency that allows them to purchase, loot boxes, amongst other things. 

This means that if players want to get the best characters Genshin Impact has to offer, they’ll have to keep playing and grind for those extra perks, unless you buy yourself an old Genshin account that comes with all those handy perks for cheap. And even if a player has enough currency to purchase the loot boxes, there’s always a risk they won’t get what they want as the process is completely random but it’s totally worth it as those characters come with some impressive attributes that you are definitely going to love.


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