Sheriff Mark Lamb Age – How old is Sheriff Mark Lamb?

Sheriff Mark Lamb Age - How old is Sheriff Mark Lamb?

Sheriff Mark Lamb Age – How old is Sheriff Mark Lamb? Pinal County’s 24th Sheriff, Mark Lamb, was elected on January 1, 2017. His jurisdiction was the third most populated county with approximately 500,000 people.

He has 500 people working in his office with a budget of $50 million; the Sheriff’s Office can operate in all areas, including the Detention Center. 

The Sheriff’s Office in Pinal County supports countywide patrols. In addition to assisting with border security activities, the PCSO Search and Rescue team works closely with the Aviation section to locate anyone who has become lost or stranded. 

In addition, the office includes specialized divisions, such as the Narcotics and Anti-Smuggling Teams, that collaborate with our federal colleagues to fight drug and human trafficking that enters the county through our southern border.

Sheriff Mark Lamb
Sheriff Mark Lamb

In 2006, Lamb’s first position in law enforcement was with the Salt River Police Department in adjacent Maricopa County. By 2016, he had relocated to Pinal County and decided to run for sheriff. He did so as a Republican and, in his words, a “constitutional conservative”; nevertheless, he did not then have the same cowboy persona that he does now. 

At the time, Paul Babeu, the sheriff, was embroiled in several controversies, including one involving an affair with a guy who said Babeu threatened to deport him if he revealed their relationship. Babeu ran for Congress in 2016 but lost. Lamb filled the vacancy for sheriff by defeating Babeu’s chosen replacement in the primary and winning the general election.

Sheriff Mark Lamb Age – How old is Sheriff Mark Lamb?

The exact birth date of Sheriff Mark Lamb is not mentioned anywhere, but according to Wikipedia, Sheriff Mark lamb could have been born in 1971 or 1972. So, according to this, his expected age would be 52 or 51 years.

Sheriff Mark Lamb Early Life

Lamb claims that despite his lifelong interest in firearms, he never intended to work in law enforcement. He is proud to declare that he is a long-standing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was raised “all over the world,” including the Philippines, Panama, and Argentina. 

Sheriff Mark Lamb Son
On Twitter “We have a new addition to the Sheriff Lamb Family…..little Brody Mark Boswell. I’m officially a Grandpa! So proud of my daughter Sadie and her husband Henry!”

In his book about living in Hawaii, he describes spending a large portion of his childhood in Hawaii, where “I was a minority.”

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Lamb worked in several professions, including operating an unsuccessful paintball company in Utah. 

According to Lamb’s book, after declaring bankruptcy in 2003, he opted to “start over” with his five children and his wife, Janel, in Arizona. Janel now has her book, The Sheriff’s Wife, and she often joins her husband’s public engagements.

Sheriff Mark Lamb Education

Sheriff Mark Lamb
Sheriff Mark Lamb

Mark Lamb has attended junior high and high school in Chandler. After High school, he completed his further study at Dixie College ( Now known as Dixie University). He was trained at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Academy.

Sheriff Mark Lamb Career

Sheriff Mark Lamb has worked in both the public and private sectors. He completed his training at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Academy and graduated as the class valedictorian.

He worked as a police officer for the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, where he succeeded and was voted Rookie of the Year. He was given the Officer of the Year honor the following year.

Mark Lamb

He then received a promotion to Detective and transferred to the Gang Enforcement Unit, where he won Detective of the Year honors in his first year.

The high quality of Mark’s work was recognized by his participation in numerous law enforcement initiatives. Mark has taken part in gang suppression and DUI task force tasks. He has also looked into multiple drive-by shootings, narcotics cases, assault and severe assault cases, and homicides. Mark has experience working on federal, state, and tribal issues. 

Later, to better serve his community, he joined Pinal County Sheriff’s Office and became a deputy at Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.

When Mark was appointed one of the lead investigators on a multi-agency (Salt River PD, Mesa PD, DPS, ATF, US Marshal Service, and the FBI) Federal RICO case that disrupted and demolished one of the most vicious gangs in the East Valley, his diverse background was on full display.

The Arizona Gang Investigators Association gave Mark the Award of Excellence because of this successful case.

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In 2018, he established a charitable trust. A nonprofit founded by Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb claimed to have raised more than $50,000 during its first year of operation, but it has not revealed how a single dollar was spent. Additionally, he has supported the Stop The Steal Movement. 

In February 2021, Lamb established Protect America Now, a group of 69 sheriffs whose stated mission is to “educate Americans about how our Sheriffs and the law enforcement community are standing for our Constitution and law and order” (along with Republican strategist Nathan Sproul and others).

In May 2021, Lamb launched The American Sheriff Network, a for-profit program that provides footage of sheriffs and their deputies going about their duties.

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