How Safe Is Washington for Travel?

How Safe Is Washington for Travel?

In this article, you will get to know about How Safe Is Washington for Travel? Warnings & Dangers in Washington, Safest tourist Places to visit in Washington, Safety tips, and many more.

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How Safe Is Washington for Travel?

Washington is one of the states of the United States of America and is among the most visited places by tourists. Around 24 million people visit Washington to travel. Washington is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, Oregon to the south, Idaho to the east, and the Canadian province of British Columbia to the north. Seattle is the largest city in Washington. The mountains, rivers, historic landmarks, beaches, and especially the culture and the food makes the State special.

How Safe Is Washington for Travel?
How Safe Is Washington for Travel?

The great and major city, of Vancouver, is almost near Canada. It is a beautiful city with mountains, ocean, and rainforest is all you need to see to get a calm and relaxing experience. Seattle is the largest city in Washington. It is Famously known for its Starbucks, coffee culture, tech industries, hiking, and outdoor lifestyle. You can visit Seattle if you want an outdoor city lifestyle experience. The seafood, oysters, and Sushi are widely eaten in the cities of Washington.

You will find different cultures and people when you visit Washington. The average cost for a one-week trip to Washington is $1,085. But Let’s first know all the travel guidelines and How Safe Is Washington.

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Warnings & Dangers in Washington

Washington is among the safest states, and there are low risks of facing any Dangers. There is no high risk that you may face, but if you stay careless, then you might face difficulties. There are few places in Washington that are prone to some risks or dangers, but many cities like Seattle and Vancouver are mostly safe. These are the following risks that you may face:

Transport and Cab risk:

If you are using any reputed app to book your cab, then you won’t face any problems but do not take cabs or rental vehicles which you find on the spot. Some cities in Washington have some crime rates, so be aware of your surroundings.

Pickpocket and Mugging risks:

These are the common crimes that you might face in any city. Pickpocket is very common even in the safest cities of Washington, so keep your valuable things in a safe place or in hand. Do not carry anything in your back pocket. If you are too careless, then you may get mugged or pickpocketed. Mugging is common at night so prevent walking alone at night in bigger cities.

Terrorism Risks:

There are very low chances of terrorist attacks in the United States, but there have been a few incidents in the past. So, it’s better to visit the safest cities in Washington. Seattle is a busy and crowded city; there is a chance that you may face such problems. If you are thinking of traveling to Washington, beware of your surroundings.

Scam Risks:

Scammers can be anywhere, no matter where you are traveling. International visitors get scammed because they are the easy target. In recent years there have been multiple cases of rental cab scams, hotel, and property scams. There is a low chance of getting scammed easily if you are not careless.

Women Travelers risk:

Washington is a big state in the United States, and its safety measures for women’s safety are taken seriously by the authorities. In recent years, crime against women travelers has become common at night. If it’s your first time traveling to the United States, it’s better to stick to your group or have somebody to accompany you. Some cities of Washington are very safe for solo women travelers. So, it’s better to choose places wisely if you are visiting alone.

Natural Disasters risk:

There is no recent case of any natural disaster in Washington. A volcano eruption occurred nearly 40 years ago, and since then, there have been no signs of it happening again. There is nothing to worry about earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other things. It’s better to check the weather reports on the days you are traveling.

Tap Water Risk:

You have nothing to worry about the tap water in Washington. The water is safe and drinkable. If you are traveling with a kid, you can give them mineral water. You can also carry mineral water if you want, but it’s not a necessity. Maximum cities in Washington have clean tap water, according to recent testing reports.

Safest Tourist Places to visit in Washington

There are many places in Washington you can visit with your family and friends. These are the following safest tourist places to visit:

Sammamish, Washington
Sammamish, Washington

Sammamish: It is one of the safest cities to visit in Washington. It is famous for its big golf- courses, historic landmarks, parks, and especially the Sammamish plateau. This is all you need to experience for an amazing tour. Recently, the city has been considered among the safest cities to live in in the United States. Sammamish is crowned as the second safest city in Washington.

Camas, Washington
Camas, Washington

Camas: It is a city of historic landmarks, trees lined up on the sideways of the road, a small town with many boutiques and art, these are the special features of the city. You can also find museums and beautifully structured parks. The food that you cannot miss out on. Camas is considered the Safest city in Washington.

Snoqualmie, washington
Snoqualmie, Washington

Snoqualmie: The city’s beautiful features are the Snoqualmie falls, the mountain peaks, the forests, and the parks. The water is so clean and refreshing that you resist yourself to swim in it. It is the perfect destination for you to visit with your family and friends. Around 1.5 Millions of people come to see the wonders of Snoqualmie falls. It is a safe city in Washington to visit.

Mercer Island, Washington
Mercer Island, Washington

Mercer Island: The place is considered safe to visit. Parks like Luther Burbank and Groveland Beach park are famous parks to visit. The art and galleries, the museums, the famous restaurants, and the beach are the best for your destination.

Kenmore, Washington
Kenmore, Washington

Kenmore: The restaurants, parks, museums, and shops are the places to visit in Kenmore. The city, of Kenmore, is a safe tourist place. You can visit with your family and friends. It’s considered among the safest cities in Washington.

Oak Harbor, Washington
Oak Harbor, Washington

Oak Harbor: This place is safe and famous for its museums, parks, restaurants, museums, and especially the beach. If you are planning to visit only one place in Washington, then you should definitely visit Oak Harbor. The best place to give you all the experiences.

Maple Valley, Washington
Maple Valley, Washington

Maple Valley: It is known for its historic industries, the resorts for the Seattle residents, the parks, museums, and the food. You can visit with your family for a safe experience.

Other cities and places like Newcastle, Lake Forest Park, East Wenatchee, Enumclaw, Liberty Lake, Battle Ground, West Richland, Poulsbo, and many more are the safest to visit for tourists.

Places to avoid in Washington

Washington is a beautiful State with amazing cities, but there are some places that you should avoid visiting. These are the following places:

Tukwila: It is among the most dangerous cities as the violent crime rates are high in this city. In recent years, there have been multiple cases of murders, rape, property theft, and vehicle theft. If you don’t want to get in any trouble while traveling to Washington, then it’s better if you don’t visit the city.

Yakima: The population of the city is around 90,000, and the crime rates are quite average. Assault cases are very common in this city, and it is not safe to travel alone at night. Yamika is the 8th most dangerous in Washington. So, it’s better to avoid the city.

Spokane: This is a very big city, and the crime rates are quite high, especially property theft, scammers, and murders. There are some places in Spokane that you can visit, but it’s better to avoid the city for your trip.

Burien: There are beautiful beaches, parks, and historical places which you wouldn’t want to miss, but the crime rates have increased in recent years. It’s considered among the most dangerous places to visit in Washington.

Other dangerous places that you should avoid are Tacoma, SeaTac, Centralia, Auburn, Longview, Bremerton, and Port Orchard.

Safety tips for traveling in Washington

If you are planning to travel to Washington, then read the following safety tips:

Inform your Bank: It’s always better to inform your bank that you are traveling. Informing is better to prevent cash theft.

Pack according to the Weather: Washington is a state where rain is very common if you are not traveling in summer. The summer can be very humid and dry. So, pack accordingly. It’s better to check the weather reports before traveling.

Check the State Department site: It’s one of the good things about Washington state. You can contact the State Department, and they will give you proper information about the current weather, health problems, travel, and other things, as these change every time. This facility is not provided everywhere, but in Washington, it is available.

Do not Roam alone in the city: It’s better to avoid walking or roaming alone in the city as it’s not safe for anybody to travel alone at night. Mugging and stealing are quite common in big cities. It is better to travel in groups or at least a friend to accompany you.

Inform your friends and family before traveling: Always inform your close friends and family members that you are traveling if you are planning a solo trip. Letting them know is good for your safety. Even if you are taking all the precautions, there are some changes that you can make in some trouble. Send your location to your close friend or family members when you are out clubbing or alone in a vehicle.

Know all the rules and laws: It’s always better to know all the rules and the laws of the State before traveling. As you are visiting the place as a tourist, you should know all the driving rules. You would not want to get in trouble with the police.

Always Stay alert: Even if you are in safe surroundings, you should always be alert and aware of everything. Tourists get scammed very easily, even if the person seems genuine and kind. Do not blindly trust the locals or the people who try to help you.

Keep your valuables in the hotel: If you are carrying a lot of cash or wearing eye-catching jewelry, you may get in some trouble. Stealing and mugging are very common. So, It’s better to have your valuables locked in the hotel for your own safety. Always check that your room is properly locked, or else anybody can get access to your belongings.

Is Washington safe to travel alone?

Yes, you can travel alone in the States. Some places and cities are safe for solo travel. But there are many cities and places you should avoid visiting due to their crime rates. Big cities like Seattle have some places that you should never visit on your own. There are many tourist attractions which you would not want to miss. The local street food, parks, and historical landmarks are all you need for your destination.

Is Washington safe for solo female Travelers?

Yes, some parts of Washington are very safe for female solo travelers. Parts of Seattle are unsafe, but you can explore a lot of places in Seattle. It’s not safe for anybody to travel alone at night in big cities, but places like Sammamish and Camas are very safe with very low crime rates.

How safe is Washington for Travel?

Washington is among the safest states in the United States. The crime rate is low as compared to national crime rates. The bigger cities have a higher crime rate. Other than that you can explore a lot of beautiful places with your friends and family. It’s always better to know all the safety tips and take all the precautions while traveling.

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