How tall is Jake Sully – Avatar & Human Form

How tall is Jake Sully - Avatar & Human Form

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Jake Sully is one of the main characters of the science fiction film series “Avatar,” written and directed by James Camero.

The movie is set in the mid-22nd century when humans are occupying Pandora, a fictional habitable moon, to mine the valuable mineral unobtainium.

Jake Sully is a paralyzed former Marine who is recruited to go to Pandora and control a genetically engineered Na’vi body to enter the Na’vi people and gain their trust so that the humans can mine unobtanium.

One of the interesting aspects of Navi is their height over their human counterparts. Although the height of every character in the film is reasonable based on the story’s context, many wonder how tall is Jake Sully in Avatar.

In this article, we have talked about different Avatar character heights, including how tall Jake Sully is.

So, without further delay, let’s begin.

How Tall Is Jake Sully?

How Tall Is Jake Sully
How Tall Is Jake Sully

Jake Sully is the central character of Avatar, released in 2009, and its sequels, including Avatar: The Way of Water in 2022 and the currently upcoming Avatar 3.

Sam Worthington, an Australian actor, portrays Jake Sully.

As people are excited to see the latest Avatar film, one question that most of them have is how tall is Jake Sully.

However, Jake Sully’s height varies for his human and Na’vi avatar forms. Despite being similar to humans, the Na’vi Avatars have superior bodies. Their average height is double the average of human beings.

Below is Jake Sully’s height in both forms.

Jake Sully Human Height

Sully is around 6 feet (1.83 meters) tall as a human.

Jake Sully Avatar Height

In his Na’vi avatar form, Jake Sully stands tall at 8 feet 11 inches (2.72 meters). This is significantly taller than his human form.

Jake Sully Biography And Early Life

Jake Sully Biography And Early Life
Credit – IMDB

Jake Sully is the main fictional character of the ‘Avatar’ film series created by James Cameron.

He is a 22-year-old paralyzed Marine veteran born on August 24, 2126, on Earth. He served in the United States Marine Corps’ 1st Reconnaissance Battalion but was discharged after a spinal injury paralyzed him from the waist down.

Struggling financially, Jake saw an opportunity in the Avatar Program on Pandora, a distant moon rich in the valuable mineral unobtainium.

After Tom’s death, he replaced his identical twin brother Tom in the Resources Development Administration’s (RDA) Avatar Program.

On Pandora, humans remotely control human/Na’vi hybrids to explore the planet for minerals.

In the program, Jake’s consciousness was transferred into a genetically engineered Na’vi body, an ‘avatar,’ allowing him to interact with the native population.

His initial mission was to gather information about the mineral for the RDA, a corporation exploiting Pandora’s resources, and finally, convince the Na’vi to leave their home, the giant tree Hometree.

While exploring, Jake is attacked by a group of viper wolves on Pandora when Neytiri, a Na’vi, saves him.

As Jake spent more time with the Na’vi, he began to appreciate their deep connection to nature and their peaceful way of life. He fell in love with Neytiri and learned their customs and traditions.

Jake ultimately sides with Na’vi and helps them prepare for a battle against RDA to save their home.

During the battle, Jake’s bravery earns him the title of Toruk Makto, Na’vi’s leader who can unite all Na’vi clans to drive the RDA forces out of Pandora.

He wins the battle against RDA and successfully prevents them from exploiting Na’vi’s homeland.

After the battle, Jake permanently transferred his consciousness into his Na’vi avatar, becoming one of them completely.

He married Neytiri and started a family, leading the Omaticaya clan and protecting Pandora.

Over the following fifteen years, Jake and Neytiri were parents to five children: three biological children, Neteyam, Lo’ak, and Tuk, and two adopted daughters, Kiri, and a human son, Miles Spider Socorro.

The Avatar sequels depict Jake facing new challenges as the RDA returns to Pandora, threatening his way of life again.

Comparing Jake Sully Height To Other Characters

Comparing Jake Sully Height To Other Characters
Height Comparison

Now that you know how tall Jake Sully is, you must be wondering about the heights of other Avatar Characters. Here is a broad comparison of Jake Sully height to other Characters.

Avatar/Na’vi Name Height (Feet)
Jake Sulley 8’11”
Neytiri 8’7”
Neteyam 8’2”
Lo’ak 7’7”
Tuk 5’7”
Kiri 7’7”
Mo’at 8’7”
Grace 10’0”
Tonowari 9’7”
Colonel Miles Quaritch 9’5”
Spider 9’0”

Jake Sully

Jake Sully is the heart of the “Avatar” series. Once a paraplegic Marine, he finds new life and purpose in Pandora.

Through the avatar program, he becomes a bridge between humans and the Na’vi, ultimately embracing the Na’vi way of life as his own.

Standing 8’11” tall, Jake Sully’s physical transformation is as significant as his journey.


A fierce and principled Na’vi warrior, he initially distrusts Jake but grows to become his closest ally and partner. Her deep connection to her people and the natural world of Pandora is evident in her every action.

Neytiri’s height of 8’7” mirrors her strong presence and leadership qualities.


Neteyam, as one of Jake and Neytiri’s children, carries the legacy of his parents’ union.

He navigates the challenges of growing up amidst the complexities of his family’s history and the ongoing conflicts on Pandora, all while standing 8’2” tall.


Lo’ak often feels overshadowed by his siblings but possesses unique strengths that emerge over time. His journey is self-discovery and acceptance, fitting for someone 7’7” tall and still finding his footing in the world.


Tuk may be the smallest member of the Sully family at 5’7”, but her spirit and curiosity are boundless. She represents the innocence and hope of the next generation, eager to explore the wonders of Pandora.


Kiri is shrouded in mystery, with a special connection to Pandora that hints at larger, unseen forces. Her story invites intrigue and speculation, making her a character to watch closely.

At 7’7”, she stands as a symbol of the potential within Pandora’s mystical world.


Mo’at is the spiritual backbone of the Na’vi, guiding her people with wisdom gleaned from a deep connection to Eywa, the life force of Pandora. Her stature of 8’7” is fitting for someone of her esteemed position and influence.


is remembered for her groundbreaking work on Pandora and her efforts to bridge the gap between humans and Na’vi. Her avatar, standing at an impressive 10’0”, reflects her larger-than-life impact on the story and the world of Pandora.


Tonowari leads with strength and compassion, guiding his people through turbulent times with wisdom. His height of 9’7” underscores his status as a formidable leader and tribe protector.

Colonel Miles Quaritch

Colonel Miles Quaritch is a formidable presence, not just in his military prowess but also in his unwavering determination to achieve his goals. His height of 9’5” indicates the imposing threat he poses to Pandora and its inhabitants.


Spider, caught between two worlds, navigates his unique position with a blend of resilience and vulnerability. At 9’0”, he is a figure of the complexities and possibilities arising from meeting human and Na’vi cultures.

Jack Sully Height Chart

Here is a chart representing Jack Sully’s Height in both Human and Avatar form.

Jack Sully Height Chart
Jack Sully Height Chart

The Impact Of Jake Sully Height On “Avatar”

The impact of Jake Sully’s height in “Avatar” can be analyzed from various perspectives.

The height difference between Jake and other Na’vi allows viewers to experience the Pandora world through Jake’s eyes. Seeing the greatness of the Pandoran landscape from his taller viewpoint enhances the feeling of wonder.

As a Na’vi, Jake stands taller than most, emphasizing his leadership potential. This physical difference shows his role as “Toruk Makto” in uniting the Na’vi clans.

Initially, Jake’s height makes him different from other Na’vi. However, as he adopts their way of life, his height symbolizes his ability to bridge the gap between humans and Na’vi.

Jake’s height grants him a physical advantage in battles, helping him protect the Na’vi and depicting his role as a warrior and defender.

Jake is physically limited by his paralysis in his human form. But becoming taller in his Na’vi form represents a physical and psychological transformation, overcoming his limitations and finding a sense of wholeness in Pandora.

How Tall Is Neytiri In Avatar?

How Tall Is Neytiri In Avatar
Neytiri Height

While Jake Sully is 8’11’ tall, Neytiri, Jake’s Sully wife in Avatar, is likely to stand around 8 feet 7 inches (2.62 meters) in Avatar.

In “Avatar,” Neytiri, a member of the Na’vi people, is quite tall compared to humans. She stands at around 8’7” tall.

This height is typical for the Na’vi, who are much taller than humans due to Pandora’s lower gravity and their unique biology.

Neytiri’s height adds to her imposing presence as a skilled warrior and hunter, and it reflects the physical characteristics of her species, who are known for their connection with nature and impressive physical abilities.

5 Interesting Facts About Avatar

Avatar is an American science fiction film series directed by James Cameron. Here are some interesting facts about the movie.

  • James Cameron wanted to release the film in 1999. However, it was postponed for another eight years because the special effects the director wanted to incorporate in the film increased the budget to $400 million at that time.
  • The Avatar movie took four years to make, from pre-production to release.
  • Avatar was released in 2009, and its sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, was released in 2022. The third sequel of the movie is in line to be released soon.
  • The animal noises heard in the Avatar movie are taken from dinosaur noises from Jurassic Park, released in 1993.
  • James Cameron hired Dr.Paul R. Frommer especially to construct the Na’vi language spoken by the indigenous population of Pandora as he wanted an easy language for actors to pronounce but, at the same time, a unique language that is not similar to any human language.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is Neytiri in Avatar 2

Neytiri in “Avatar 2” is about 10 feet tall.

Who are Jake Sully’s Kids?

Jake Sully has five children in the Avatar. His biological children with Neytiri include Neteyam (the eldest son), Lo’ak (the second son), and Tuktirey (Tuk) (the youngest daughter ). His adopted children are Kiri and Spider.

How tall would I be as a Na’vi?

Na’vi are an indigenous species living on Pandora in the Avatar movie. They are generally tall at 9 to 10 feet (2.7 to 3.0 m). If you were a Na’vi, you would measure between this height range.

What is the significance of height in Na’vi society?

In the movie Avatar, the height difference illustrates the Na’vi’s physical strength and relation to Pandora’s natural environment.

Who is Jake Sully in real life?

Jake Sully in Avatar is portrayed by Sam Worthington, an Australian actor famous for his roles in Terminator Salvation, Clash of the Titans, and the action movie Transfusion in 2023.

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