How to avoid sharing false or misleading news about the election

How to avoid sharing false or misleading news about the election

How to avoid sharing false or misleading news about the election – As Midterm Election is coming closer, we generally start hearing lots of news. While some of them are just rumors, and some are true.

It’s our habit, or you can say instinct; we share everything that comes to our ear without knowing whether it is true or not. Such things can be dangerous for others and ourselves too.

Whenever a rumor is spread, it just spreads like fire, so even if the news isn’t true, people don’t think twice before spreading it. If it comes out to be false, you will also be held guilty; at the same time, the person the news is about would have already lost his respect, name, and many other things.

So it’s better that before spreading any news, you better be careful. Make sure the news is true and avoid sharing something misleading or false. Instead of continuing the chain of sharing, you better be the change. You must know how to verify whether the information is true or false.

This article is going to be very helpful for people who want to avoid sharing false or misleading news about the election.

How to spot false statements?

How to spot false statements?
How to spot false statements?

Don’t trust headlines

You might have come across many catchy but unbelievable headlines. Don’t trust it. It’s their strategy to use bold fonts, exclamations, inverted commas, and catchy words. If you find it unbelievable, don’t believe it.

Look closely at the link

You must be careful with the links. Many false news sites copy everything from the original and add false and exaggerated statements. Also, sometimes such links or false sites provide false information under original headlines.

Research the source

Make sure you research the source from where you get information. Whether the source provides true or false information, check how trustworthy the source is. You can go and check about these sites in their about section. Always read from the source you trust.

Watch for formatting

You can see many fake sites. Check if the content is written in different formats, their spellings are incorrect, the information may differ from the headline, or the photo is irrelevant to the information given. Read the statement carefully if you see such signs in any source.

Check the dates

Along with false information or irrelevant photos, the dates can also be fake. Such things can lead to a false news story. Such things don’t make any sense.

Look at another source also

You should check whether other sources show the same information or not. Check multiple sources to verify the information. If the story is true, other sources will show the same information. It may be false if other news sources do not report the same story.

Is the story a joke?

You can sometimes see the story is described as a comedy. In such times it gets much more difficult to understand whether it is news or a joke. In such a situation, try to know about the source; it can be a parody or just for fun.

Some stories are intentionally false

Always read the story or information carefully and think about it. Some stories are created on their own intentionally. So think before sharing any news, whether it is credible or not.

Since now you know how to identify false or misleading news, let us share how you can avoid sharing this information.

Tips to avoid sharing false or misleading news about the election

Tips to avoid sharing false or misleading news about the election
Tips to avoid sharing false or misleading news about the election

Election workers are your neighbors

As you can see, many people in your surroundings work as election workers. Sometimes these workers are provided food and materials like t-shirts, umbrellas, etc. So they share these materials with you, but those materials are named or symbolize the political party.

Using these materials with their symbol or name means you are supporting the party. Sometimes such things can put you in a problem not only for you but also for the election worker. It’s not only about the case but also about information. If he shares some confidential information with you and you leak it, it can cause you trouble, so you better avoid sharing statements or information.

Documented cases of election fraud are rare

Such cases happen rarely. It can be a mistake by election workers or fraud. Sometimes the votes cast are more than the voters.

Keep such results or information private, which can put you in trouble. Never trust the instant results.

The pace of election results can reflect different rules

Sometimes the scene is an email-for-vote response shared by the political party online to see how many votes they get in such a way the actual results can be influenced. We recommend not sharing posts, links, or forwarding such emails.

Be aware of what photos and videos are purposely shown

During the election, you might see many posters on the road and politicians’ feeds related to other party’s bad deeds or sometimes the politician himself doing some work to show off.

The politicians show only what they want us to know but not what they do. So don’t share such photos and videos.

Consider the source

Always consider the source before you see any news, whether the person sharing the information is an election official explaining the things, or he is fraudulent. You need to rely on locals to give the correct steps or measures for election.

If you see a news story that evokes an emotional response, stop there

You can see local politicians often take a stand for the poor, victim, diseased, or some particular caste. That’s how they emotionally target us. If you see such a story which is an emotional stop right, there is no need to feel pity. Instead, research and find what is right before sharing such stories.

Closing Comments – How to avoid sharing false or misleading news about the election.

That was all about how to avoid sharing false or misleading news about the election.

If you want to share your thoughts or have questions regarding this post, you can ask us in the comment section below. Our team will try to respond ASAP.

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