How to help Mike Lindell after vimeo cancels my pillow account – Steps inside

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About Mike Lindell

Michael James Lindell (born on June 28, 1961), also famously called the My Pillow Guy, is an American businessman and the founder and CEO of My Pillow, Inc. Lindell is a prominent supporter and guide to, previous U.S. President Donald Trump. He has, without proof, advanced the poisonous plant remove oleandrin as a COVID-19 fix and upheld endeavors to topple the 2020 United States official election.

Lindell has launched and worked various independent ventures during the 1980s including carpet cleaning, lunch carts, and a couple of bars and cafés in Carver County, Minnesota. During the 1980s and 1990s, he was dependent on cocaine, rocks, and liquor, prompting the abandonment of his home, and his wife seeking a legal separation. Lindell expressed that he accomplished moderation through a petition in 2009.

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Mike Lindell’s Twitter account suspension

Twitter has suspended mike Lindell’s MyPillow USA account following seven days from suspending CEO Mike Lindell’s record. The MyPillow account was suspended for disregarding the boycott avoidance strategy, Twitter affirmed to the USA.

Lindell, a partner, and ally of Trump has demanded that the official political race was manipulated even after U.S. President Joe Biden’s organization started. His record was restricted after he kept on sustaining the case that Donald Trump won the 2020 official political race.

A cached view of the account shows tweets that Lindell told the USA he wrote, which would circumvent his suspension on the platform. He revealed to the USA, he hadn’t found out about the boycott of his organization’s record. I can’t really accept that they’re doing this to my organization,” Lindell said in a meeting. They’re out to annihilate me.

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In some other tweet, the MyPillow Twitter account, which is also used for listing promo codes, stated “This was the post @jack was upset about when he canceled @realmikelindell! He twisted -@Jack I know you are tied into the election fraud! You are so afraid of being found out! So many are looking forward to you being brought to justice!”

Lindell stated that the last tweet the company account posted was a promo code for his memoir “What Are the Odds?” and earlier in the day tweeted out a discount for duvet covers.

Vimeo removed mike linker’s account

Mike Lindell has been permanently suspended on Twitter as well as Vimeo and his Proof video has been removed from Vimeo and YouTube. Why is it that the social media bullies allowed to decide what Americans can or cannot see?

Who is making them the ultimate judge and jury about which news is acceptable and which news is unacceptable? When Americans rushed to YouTube, it was because their platform gave us a place to go to see original content—now, it’s a place where users go to view content big tech overlords have decided fits their narrative. YouTube has become anything but a free speech platform where people put up their views.

As of 12th May 2021 afternoon, when users were clicking on pages for the “Lindell Management” Vimeo account, a “Sorry, we couldn’t find that page” message appears on display for where MyPillow and Lindell content was once hosted.

This is worse than what Twitter did to me and my company! This is the statement of Lindell in a brief phone interview on the 12th of May. “This has affected his business, the Lindell Recovery Network, and the entrepreneurs whom he works with.” Lindell stated and also shared The Daily Beast a screenshot of what he said was an email he and his team received from Vimeo on 12th May at 12:36 p.m. ET, and it read as “Your account was terminated for violating Vimeo’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

How to help Mike Lindell?

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