How to read Our Journey Together book online?

To read this book after its launch on 7th December 2021 here are the ways to buy the book online:

  1. Trump mentioned the site ( to place pre-orders. This site also takes you through the gist of the book. 
  2. This book is also available on Amazon, despite Trump’s friction with the owner Jeff Bezos. 

How to read Our Journey Together Book online by Donald Trump?

This book is not available for online reading. The softcopy may get available after the release of the book.

About the book

This Photobook contains 300 photographs with captions written by Donald Trump himself in it. Some of the captions are handwritten in all capitals by Donald Trump, which at times is hard to read.

The date for the book launch is the 7th of December 2021. Donald Trump has handpicked all the photographs that are published in the book.

This book takes you through a ride of Donald Trump’s tenure. The pictures include memories from the last four years of Trump’s time.

The book, Our Journey Together, is available for pre-order. It is published by a company owned and formed by Donald Trump Jr.

Several New York publishers were reluctant to work with Trump as they feared that Trump might sell lies. Trump has earlier sold several lies about his defeat at the 2020 Presidential elections.

On Friday, Trump said, “‘Our Journey Together’ features unforgettable moments from our time in Washington: building the Southern Border Wall; cutting America’s taxes; confirming almost 300 federal judges and 3 Supreme Court justices; rebuilding our military; creating Space Force; dealing with Kim Jong-Un, President Xi, President Putin, and many other world leaders,”

Donald Trump Jr. was all praises for his father. She said, “no one accomplished as much for America as my father did in his four years in the white house. This incredible photobook documents every step of the way. Truly one of a kind!”

Ivanka Trump celebrated his father’s book release by saying, “every day for four years I worked alongside my father as he fought for hardworking American families as the people’s President. These photos provide an intimate glimpse of some of the most pivotal moments of his historic presidency.”

Political entrance of Donald Trump

Trump entered the political race in 2016 as a republican and was elected in an upset victory over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. His election gave rise to many protests as many people were hurt and offended by his political ideologies. People viewed his character to be racist and misogynistic. He made several insensitive and racist claims that were marginalizing the black populations of the US.

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