How To Use TikTok In Your Marketing Strategy in 2024

How To Use TikTok In Your Marketing Strategy in 2021

TikTok is the biggest platform of social media. The active users are 1 billion almost. Gen Z, that is, people below age 25 years are crazy about this app. It is a popular platform for them to show their talents. Business organizations are taking social media as a serious marketing platform. 

They want influencers or celebrities to promote their products on TikTok to reach millions of viewers and users. It is a platform for video sharing, which is the best one to entertain in your life. Through them, the brands endorse their products and services. It is one way to make videos on TikTok.

The marketing strategy of TikTok is available for customization. Popular and big brands are making their presence prominent on the platform to increase their market share and customers. So, the researcher is looking at specific things like:

  • Presence of popular brands on TikTok
  • How frequent the brands post on TikTok
  • Brands Insight and metrics
  • Brands TikTok video performance in terms of content, tone, and style

No Presence of Popular Brands on TikTok

If you consider all the popular brands, you will notice that 50% of brands are not in TikTok. They do not have any presence on the platform. Even if they have an account on TikTok, then they have zero posts. Some of the brands are IKEA, Google, Audi, YouTube, Toyota, and Facebook. Now, this is a gap for these brands. 

Using TikTok offers a marketing advantage to the brands. Early establishment of account on the TikTok social media is the best decision for the brand to gain the benefits of social media marketing. If you are a company or brand reading this, do not be one of them.

It does not matter whether you are a small size business or a large-scale business. The use of TikTok as a marketing strategy matters the most. At least users of this popular social media can check your videos and know about your latest updates. Gen Z is the best medium to communicate, interact, and one-to-one criticism platform to improve your brand image.

How Frequent You Have To Post

As per TikTok’s algorithm, you have to be consistent with posts. You have to post 3 to 4 videos per week to gain that total average views on your brand and products. More than five posts per week will not make a big difference. You can post anything like details about the product, snippets of the upcoming launch, trailer of new things, behind the scenes, meet the staff, and more videos.

One thing that makes a big difference is consistency. If you post 5 times a week and are off for 3-4 weeks again, you suddenly post 5 videos, which shows your inconsistency. It reflects that you are not taking TikTok marketing strategy seriously.

Worth of Views As a Single Follower

When you have a large audience who follows your page, you get more likes, saves, shares, and even comments. There is a chance that you may go viral with posts. You can create a loyal base of fans. Dedication towards your fans must be the priority.

Increase one more follower with the idea of running a giveaway contest for the new viewers. You ask them to participate in this giveaway on the social media platform. It allows you to connect with your new followers. It is yet another way to communicate with followers. Refer to the latest marketing reportand you notice that organizing these giveaways maximizes the contents’ reach. It boosts your brand presence in the real world. 

Brands Which Perform Best

Gaming, technology, and food brands perform impressively in the TikTok platform. These brands remain consistent in their forum to gain lots of potential customers. To succeed on the TikTok marketing platform, you receive good feedback in metrics if you belong to this industry.

Start with essential content where you give the touch of uniqueness in your video. That is what makes you awesome. You catch the attention of the users. Your video must appeal to the world. Due to the pandemic, the social media platform plays not only an entertainment segment. It also creates social awareness to maintain all the COVID-19 protocols. 

WHO used TikTok to create social awareness and transfer certain valuable information to the people. To post a good quality video, you need a prominent voice, graphics, facts, shots, and editing tool to create an awesome video. 

Music Is Everything

TikTok lives on music. From regular to trending music, there is everything online. One creates dance moves, lip-sync, and many more contents with this music. Therefore, it is a great way to connect with your audience through music. It is the soul of the video, and you cannot miss this opportunity of adding music to your video to make it interesting to watch. 

Recipe of Good TikTok Video

There is no exact recipe for making videos. But what you have is the type of content. It would help if you focused on the products in your video. It makes it worth watching. Displaying the products in your video makes you credible towards the video. 

Also, do not miss to show your employees. It offers an emotional touch in the video. The brand must show its teamwork to the audience. It reflects how the brand shows gratitude towards its employees. Not to forget, these are the actual ingredients to make the recipe tasty and exciting.


Within a short time, TikTok has become popular social media. The short video trends in the best way. Therefore, many brands are using this platform as their marketing strategy. Consistency and uniqueness are the basic metrics of the success of TikTok. You can even check various ideas of TikTok trending video and form in your style to attract viewers. 

The success game is in your hands. You must follow the principle to get the best feedback from the platform. It would help if you stayed consistent to catch the attention of the viewers of your TikTok videos. 

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