Latest News - USA - How to Watch MyPillow Truck Freedom Convoy Livestream

How to Watch MyPillow Truck Freedom Convoy Livestream

The CEO of My Pillow, Mike Lindell, has loaded up a truck full of products to help thousands of truckers who are suffering from stress and fatigue.

Watch Mike Lindell’s MyPillow Truck Freedom Convoy Livestream : Lindell’s Mypillow truck joins Freedom Convoy in canada


Trucks loaded with products will head to the Canadian border in order to assist truckers who have sacrificed their time and resources in order to bring these products to the Canadian border.

The CEO of My Pillow is showing his support for anti-vaccine truckers demonstrating in Ottawa, Canada today. In order to show his support for the truckers, he is sending pillows to each of them. He also stated that truckers should not give up.

This is not the first time Lindell has done charity. He has donated 10,000 pillows to those affected by the tornado in Kentucky. MyPillow also sent 6 trucks loaded with 60,000 pillows to Houston to assist the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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