ICC T-20 World-Cup Cancelled? Check Latest News & Updates

ICC T-20 World-Cup Cancelled?

ICC T-20 World-Cup Cancelled: The Havoc created by COVID-19 is enormous, and yet the virus plagues the world. Amid the coronavirus, many sectors have been forced to close, and several governments have also registered mass migration in their countries. The Havoc created by COVID-19 is enormous, and the world will need an unusual time to resolve.

However, the year 2020 was booked for ICC WC-T20 Championship, but amid Coronavirus crises the authorities if ICC is failing to make any decisions regarding ICC T-20 Worl-Cup. The event was scheduled in Australia, but because to COVID-19 threat the Cricket Australia had denied hosting this event. This decision from the Australian Cricket Board is nothing but a headache for ICC authorities.

ICC T-20 World-Cup Cancelled?

There is also an update from India that BCCI may announce the dates of IPL-2020 soon. IPL is the mega-event for every cricket fan, and IPL is a brand of the wealthiest cricket board BCCI, the ICC is somewhere feeling the pressure. 

According to our sources, the 13th edition of IPL-2020 is all set to take place in UAE in September. The dates are still not officially stated by the BCCI, but we can say that the leak is truth and BCCI will indeed arrange IPL-2020 in UAE.

The authorities of ICC has decided to take a final call on T-20 Worldcup 2020 at 4.30 pm. However, one can indeed say that ICC would discharge this event because these ICC events cant be conducted anywhere anytime. 

The fate of IPL-2020 is decided on the results of this board meeting. I am sure that BCCI would make an immediate statement on IPL after hearing from ICC.

Cricket Australia has denied hosting this mega ICC event, as the Chairman doesn’t want to conduct such events throughout the country amid these crises. I know cricket fans would indeed accept the decision of ICC and whatever the decision is the fans won’t miss cricket. Well, if you want to know more about cricket stadiums in UAE than taking a look at the famous cricket stadiums of UAE.

List of Famous Cricket Stadiums in UAE

  • Dubai Cricket Council Ground No 1
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  • Dubai International Cricket Stadium
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  • Sharjah Cricket Stadium
  • Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium
  • List of international cricket five-wicket hauls at Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium
  • Ajman Oval
  • Al Dhaid Cricket Village

No matter what the decision ICC will make, there is no such conflict between ICC and BCCI. The only thing that matters the most is cricket is coming back in the business, and the world will see fireworks from their stars again. Don’t you dare to come out from your home without masks. Stay safe guys, if anything new occurs World wire will notify you.

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