In order to avoid a full-fledged civil war, public confidence in the voting process needs restoration

In order to avoid a full-fledged civil war, public confidence in the voting process needs restoration

The political instability or lack of national integrity has put the state of America into a deep crisis. Even decades before, America suffered civil war, which was also a result of political unrest over slavery that had been a key political issue of the 19th century. It would not be irrational to mark that there is a lack of sense of unity and integrity among the people. A liberal political system combined with enforced laws and orders is vital for living peacefully and decently. There is a lack of “shared confidence,” which comes with confidence in the integrity of elections, without which things get ugly sooner or later, and unfortunately, that confidence is shrinking. So to avoid a full-fledged civil war, public confidence in the voting process needs restoration.

To avoid a full-fledged civil war public confidence in the voting process needs restoration


Years back in 2001, when George Bush came to power in the US presidency intending to be a uniter, not a divider ” might have encouraged Americans to aspire for United America buts peoples contemplation were held downward when the election circumstances proved not so convenient, and his noble aspirations died. Again in 2004, Sen Barack Obama, in his keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention called for national unity, an end to the divisions between the red state and blue state mentalities that divided America.

Barack Obama

He said, ” There is not a black America and white America and Latin America and Asian America: there is the United States of America But Obama’s assurance can be seen as much of an ideology than as a goal to achieve since when it really came to implementing this ideology as president in 2009, he did nothing of substance to bring unity among Americans than to divide them apart.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, on the other hand, focused mainly on victory. He was far from the theme of unifying the nation under one name. Trump, while announcing his candidacy in 2015, in Trump Tower claimed to wall out murders and rapists. He spoke openly against” Political correctness, “which has become to known as ‘wokeness’ and cancel culture – the cultural policing of speech and thought with a merciless vengeance for any deviation from the latest liberal Orthodox.

In 2020, people assumed Joe Biden as the nice substitute for Trump, assuming national peace and integrity in America. But what they really experienced was totally in contrast to what they had expected under Biden’s presidency.

Joe Biden

Biden’s boring cultural revolution was an attempt to totally undermine people’s faith in the political system. Biden believes Republican Party is the existential threat to the nation’s democracy, according to one White House bureau Chief report. So, if we consider it precise, then it can be stated that the president opines his political opponents as traitors who are committed to overthrowing their constitutional republic and who must be opposed successfully in the best possible way. The American Constitution was designed to deal with the disunity that is bound to arise in the vast republic with religious, regional, and factional differences. It enshrined the principles which forces people to stay united. But beneath these differences, there has long been broad agreement on God (the Apostles Creed), Christian morality (the Ten commandments) and the founders’ polity (the Declaration of Independence and Constitution), when the latter break down, the bloody civil war took place, which put Americans back in agreement, but they are no longer so. What does the word freedom mean? What do we really mean by the word freedom? No doubt, everyone has a different concept about the same word. Freedom, for some, maybe to roam about with a gun. For others, it may mean government support in every sphere of life, especially for disadvantaged groups in society. So basically, the word has different connotations for different people.

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Need for mass confidence in system revival

The entire American system of law is under threat. The Biden Justice Department has declined to prosecute all manners of lawbreaking by FBI agents. There is a lack of the rule of law where the agents of law enforcement are accountable to the law. There comes another attribute of the White House. When justice Samuel Alito’s draft majority opinion in the Dobbs abortion case was leaked from the Supreme Court, and White House aimed not to protect the integrity of that branch of the government but to sympathize with conservative justice homes. In
this instance, it can be stated the administrative system does not believe in a fair legal process which people insist on disputes. Americans must realize that there is a need to revive their political structure and system of justice that could prevent the national cold war from turning into hot.


They must preserve the liberality, stability, and decency of our constitutional system. One of the essential structures is the legitimacy of their election, America needs a now partisan, indisputable, respected National Commission on election integrity to compile a weighty, sober, trustworthy report on contested voting issues like paper ballots, computerized voting machines, early voting, mail- in ballots, ballots harvesting, polling-place scrutineering, ballot-counting transparency, as well as charges of voter intimidation and vote suppression as systems depends upon public confidence in elections, and it is essential to regain public confidence to prevent the house getting divided.

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