India-China hope to resolve Ladakh border dispute

India-China border dispute

India-China hope to resolve Ladakh border dispute: The border dispute between India and China for months can be resolved in the coming days. According to a news report of Hindustan Times newspaper, there has been a discussion between the armies of the two countries about disengagement or withdrawal in East Ladakh.

If a mutual agreement is reached on this proposal, then it will be a major achievement in the order of negotiations going on for the last four months. In July, the army retreated to the Galvan Valley, but it did not happen in other areas.

According to the news, this proposal was discussed in the eighth phase of the Corps-Commander level in Chushul sector on 6th of this month.

An army official said that the proposal is being discussed and considered but has not been signed yet.

The situation with LAC on the Ladakh border between India and China has been tense for the past few months. Efforts are on to solve it through dialogue.

Uttar Pradesh: 50 lakh youth employed by March next year

Uttar Pradesh government is going to give employment to 50 lakh youth by March next year. The state government has set a target of giving more than 50 lakh jobs by March 2021.

According to an official, jobs will be given under ‘Mission Rojgar’. A plan has been prepared for this.

According to the news of Indian Express, a help desk will be created with this scheme which will make information available to the people. Under this scheme, youth will not only get an opportunity in government departments, in councils, corporations but also in the private sector.

Corona was more effective than demonetisation in creating a cashless economy

The goal of the cashless economy has been greatly strengthened during the Coronavirus infection. Demonetisation made to make the Indian economy cashless has not been as successful as it was in this era of success.

According to Dainik Bhaskar’s news, during this period of Corona epidemic, the trend of digital transactions has increased very fast. A survey by the community, social media platform LocalSircles, claimed that the number of cash transactions has reduced by almost half in the year 2020 compared to 2019.

The reason behind this is that in the era of Corona epidemic, most people did online shopping and paid for it digitally. Also, due to fear of infection, people used less and less cash.

Russia claims Sputnik V up to 92% effective on Covid patients.

Russia has claimed that according to the results of interim tests, Sputnik V vaccine is effective up to 92 per cent in protecting people from corona infection.

According to the news of Financial Express, Russia’s Sovereign Health Fund gave this information on Wednesday.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund, a company marketing Sputnik V, said the interim results were based on trial data on 16,000 people who were given two shots of a two-dose vaccine.

The trial was assessed after the symptoms of Kovid-19 in 20 participants involved in the trial.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund has issued a statement saying that the trial will continue for another six months and the data that will come out thereafter will be published after the review.

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