India’s Wazir in the Arabian Sea: 5th submarine of Scorpene category included in Navy

India's Wazir in the Arabian Sea

India’s Wazir in the Arabian Sea: 5th submarine of Scorpene category included in Navy: The Indian Navy on Thursday launched the fifth class submarine ‘Wazir’ at Mazgaon Dock in South Mumbai.

It is equipped with modern technology capabilities to avoid enemy radar. Vijaya, the wife of Minister of State for Defense Shripad Naik, launched the submarine through video conferencing. Naik joined the event as a chief guest through video conferencing from Goa.

The ‘Wazir’ is part of six Kalveri-class submarines being built in India. The submarine is designed by the French marine defence and energy company DCNS and is under construction under Project 75 of the Indian Navy.

The name was given to the predatory fish of the Indian Ocean

These submarines are capable of gathering intelligence on the surface, effective in anti-submarine warfare, laying landmines at sea and monitoring in the area, an official said. 

The submarine is named after the Indian Ocean hunter fish ‘Wazir’. The first ‘Wazir’ submarine was sourced from Russia which was inducted into the Indian Navy on 3 December 1973 and was discharged on 7 June 2001 after three decades of service.

The submarine is equipped with these features

Mazgaon Dock Shipbuilding Limited (MDL) said in the release, “The construction of Scorpene submarines was challenging for MDL as it became challenging due to the ease of operation.

According to the release, “To ensure radar avoidance properties, the submarine has used the latest technology, such as modern sound-absorbing technology, low noise and capable of moving at high speed in the water.” It also has the capability to attack the enemy with precision-guided weapons. ‘

MDL said that it could release anti-vessel missiles launched underwater and from the surface, along with attack from submarine torpedoes. 

According to the MDL, its ability to hide underwater from the enemy is its speciality which is completely safe and has no break compared to other submarines. MDL said that this submarine had been built keeping in mind all the needs and operations of the Navy.

Self-reliant India campaign will get encouragement

The construction company said the launch of the Wazir has strengthened penetration in India’s submarine-producing countries, as well as encouraged the government’s Make in India and Self-Reliant India campaign.

MDL reported that two submarines Kalveri and Khanderi built under Project-75 had been inducted into the Indian Navy, the third submarine Karanja is in the final stages of sea trials while the fourth Scorpene submarine ‘Vela’ has started sea trials. 

At the same time, the sixth submarine ‘Vagashir’ is being prepared for the launch. The statement said, two SSK submarines built by MDL in the year 1992-94 are still in service, which is a proof of the capability and professional skills of the Mazagon dock personnel.

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