Instagram Reels Launched in India: Check Twitter Reaction & Funny Memes

Instagram Reels Launched in India: Check Twitter Memes Reaction & Details

Instagram Reels Launched in India: Check Twitter Reaction & Funny Memes: Instagram Reels – Instagram’s attempt to counter TikTok was launched in India yesterday and has started rolling out for selected users. The feature is inbuilt in the app, and the user does not need to install any other application for the functionality.

With the launch of Instagram, Reels Netizens have come out openly trolling the feature since it completely resembles tik-tok, which was probably the current most favorite troll stuff for netizens.

How to get Instagram Reels to feature?

To get Instagram reels to feature the user must make sure that they have updated the Instagram app to the latest version. The feature is currently in the rollout stage and is available to selected users but is rolling out quickly to more and more users.

Instagram Reels Funny memes

“Reels gives a voice to individual creators, of all videos shared on the platform last month, more than 45% of the videos were actually of 15 seconds or lesser duration.” said Vishal Shah, VP of Product, Facebook. Instagram.

You Can access the reels feature in the same way you post stories on Instagram, the reels feature is offering a lot of customizations, with options enabling you to set the video speed, add music, text and Instagram’s special spark AR effects. The platform already seems to be having craze among users, with a lot of videos coming simultaneously.

We Can pretty much say this is the final nail in the coffin of TikTok in India since Instagram has such a vast user base, which not even TikTok had. Also, most of the TikTok influencers already have millions of followers on Instagram.

Enjoy the memes 😉

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