International Left Handers Day 2020: Facts, & Famous Left Handers Celbs

International left-handers day

International left-handers day is celebrated every year on 13th august in the fame of left-handed people residing in and around the world. This day is celebrated across the globe as a whole, and it depicts the importance of left-handed people and their unique quality. The idea of bringing the celebration of left-handed people was brought into practice by sir—Dean.R.campbell in 1976.

International Left Handers Day 2020

In the world full of right-handers the date 13 August cherishes the existence of left-handed peoples. Moreover, it also holds humanity. Left-handed persons are often said to be useless, but somewhere in the world, it is believed that left-handers are stated to be the luckiest person in comparison to right-handers. The ratio of right-handers in the world is more as compared to left-handers.

There are a total of 708 million people all around in the world that is listed as left-handers. The day also emphasizes the advantages and uniqueness that left-handed people are filled with. Left-handers are likely said to be the smartest and a great observer. We never disappoint our viewers and therefore will give you more information regarding famous people who are left-handers.

Famous people are left-hander personalities

International left-handers day

Albert einstein

The famous physicist and a scholar, sir Albert einstein, was born in 1879 in Germany. His theories and formulas still confuse people. He was a left-hander, indeed, and you might know very well about his wonders in physics.

Hellen Keller

The famous American author, activist and a lecturer Hellen Keller is a left-hander and was born in 1880. She is the first deaf-blind person to achieve a bachelor’s degree in arts. The wonder she did with her writings and sayings still motivates generations.

Barack Obama

The Former well known American President Barack Obama is undoubtedly a left-hander. He’s been awarded many awards and honours. And no doubt every person residing in this developing world is well aware of the name “Barack Obama”.

Sourav Ganguly

The president of BCCI, Sourav Ganguly, is a former Indian captain, commentator and Indian cricket administrator who is well known for his captaincy and wonders done by his “batting” performances. The smart and mighty, Sourav Ganguly is a left-hander. If you talk about “cricket” Sourav Ganguly stays the most spoken person amongst all.

Wasim Akram

Sultan of swing the greatest bowler of all time “Wasim Akram” is a left-hander and is a commentator, coach and a former player and captain of Pakistan cricket team. The performances given by Wasim Akram in the world of cricket is incomparable to add on He’s considered as an inspiration for many.

Dhirubhai Ambani

The late famous business tycoon “Dhirajlal hirachand Ambani” was the founder of “reliance industries”. He died on 6 July in 2002. He’s a left-hander and was awarded as “Padma Bhushan” in 2016 for his contributions in the trade and industry in India. His son took the award.

Mahatma Gandhi

The father of India “Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi” was an activist, freedom fighter, lawyer and a writer. The entire world recognizes him for of freedom of India from the Britisher’s hands. The great leader is indeed a left-hander.

Narendra Modi

The current prime minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi is a left-hander who’s born on 17 September 1950. Moreover, he’s a left-hander and has been awarded many awards and honours by other countries and also India.

Charlie Chaplin

The silent filmmaker, composer and a comic actor “Charlie Chaplin” is a left-hander who influenced many others. He was adored by many people around and is considered as the best comedian.

So these were some of the most famous public personalities in the world. The above mentioned names are known for their impeccable performances and jobs. They have helped in changing the world in some or the other way. They are considered as an inspiration, and every third person in the world wants to be like them and do good for society.

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