iOS 14 could be released soon? Will it be compatible with every iPhone? Check details:

iOS 14 could be released soon

A piece of good news just dropped for all the Apple users. iOS 14 might be released, and some new features will also be out. But the real question is, will it be compatible with any iPhone? Will all the users be able to work with their phones or need an upgrade? So let us see what new is going to be added and what to expect?

What will be released on the Apple launch today?

This is a massive day for all Apple users and lovers. Today is the annual September launch event that Apple will be holding. The main highlight of this event is that Apple reveals its new products or introduces new features. But for this time, we’re expecting a lot to be released. An updated iPad Air and Apple Watch to be introduced today. Apple’s launch invite has “Time Flies” written on it, so it has something to do with watches we’re guessing. Although the event’s central theme will be hardware, there could also be some big news on Software.
Apple-like always reveals a new date for the iOS release during its iPhone, and they will soon be announcing from where to download the iOS 14.

However, this upgrade is not a recent announcement, it was done a while back in June, but now finally, more details of it will be revealed. When the announcement was made in June, some pretty significant changes were introduced to the iPhone with Widgets’ addition. New interactive boxes or squares can be added to the screens to tell about the weather, calendar, health, etc. So many things coming for all the Apple users, so stay tuned for more updates.

What more to expect from iOS 14?

The new widgets aren’t the only new addition to the features. A few extras will also be included in the improved group chats iMessage: an upgraded health app and app clips. The one thing that they did is, instead of having a dedicated app for every application, Apple’s App Clip will provide the one great solution. It will let the users access all the essential apps from the home screen. And the most significant point is that even if the iPhone you’re using is getting old, the iOS will be available for many users. The new iOS with an operating system will be available on iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, the original iPhone SE, and everything else that has been revealed after these versions. So basically, if your phone is currently running on iOS 13, it will for sure work with iOS 14. So for any new updates, stay tuned to world wire.

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