Sports - IPL 13 in UAE: Rules & Regulation, Teams Hotels, Ticket, Venue/Ground & IPL 13 Premiere Date 2020

IPL 13 in UAE: Rules & Regulation, Teams Hotels, Ticket, Venue/Ground & IPL 13 Premiere Date 2020


IPL 13 in UAE: The Indian premier league (IPL) is booked to start next month, and the famous cricket league will not endure India. The 13th edition of IPL is booked to be played in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai from 19 September to 10 November. Earlier IPL-2020 was scheduled to begin with its matches on 29 March 2020. As the world is beholding the havoc created by COVID-19, this wasn’t possible, and the decision was kept on hold.

No matter what the country is, the excitement for IPL is still on, and the crowd is all set to support their favorite team. Before the start of IPL, several rules and regulations are set for players, coaches, and ground staff to protect from the deadly virus. But the timing’s are yet to be confirmed by the officials and soon will BCCI will disclose this in public.

Rules and Regulations issued by BCCI For IPL 13


Players Health

Hygiene of players is taken care of at the most. Just like every other outdoor sport, rules and regulations are set for the IPL as same.

Initiative taken by one of the teams in preparation of SOP states that players are restricted from handshakes, high-fives, casual touch, hugs, tackling, and much more. 

In a practice session and on the ground, the players are said to take care of every bare essential and use their personal stuff such as soaps, towels, water bottles, etc. In case any player who uses any of the pieces of the property mentioned above provided by the hotel should be disposed of after use and should not be shared with anyone. 

Players are advised to change clothes in the respective room and not on the ground in open to prevent the spread of the virus. Players and even other ground staff should wear a mask before and after the practice session.

Maintaining social distancing

Social distancing plays a vital role in the following of this event. Several rules are set for players that maintain social distancing. No player is allowed to stand or practice close to each other. A minimum distance of 2m should be kept in and outside the ground. Ground staff must maintain social distancing with the players during the practice session. No player will carry his playing equipment by himself. Every equipment needed for the practice session will be provided by the ground staff, which will be thoroughly sanitized.

What role will the coach play?

The coach must keep track of the player’s physical health. If any player is seen to have any of the symptoms, he will be directly sent back to his respective room, and medical help will be provided by the set up organized. Coach is also responsible for making sure that none of the players come in close contact and maintain a distance of minimum “2m”. 

If any player fails to follow the rules and regulations set, then the coach will look after the misbehave happening. Physiotherapists and other medical help members will have to make sure that there is only one athlete during the treatment. Physiotherapists are prohibited from touching players’ eyes, nose, hands, and face. Mask is compulsory for the player and other medical staff. Players are suggested to get a shower before going for massages of treatment and maintain social distancing.

At the hotel

Every team is advised to stay at different places and hotels so that no person comes in close contact with each other and can create social distancing even more possible. A particular number of people are allowed to enter the dining area at a time. The hotel staff will provide necessary help to the players with maintaining social distancing. In locker or meeting rooms, every door and window will be kept open so that one toches the doorknobs and windows will be kept free for fresh air to circulate in the area. Temperatures are set for operating air conditioners in a room.

The health of the team

Earlier, each team was allowed to have a maximum of 25 players and a minimum of 18. But now, the rules are set differently for every team. No team is allowed to take more than 24 players in their squad, making it difficult for groups like “Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab.” They have to drop one of its players here in India before taking off for UAE. But if any named player gets infected or is unfit, he will be replaced by the team authority.

Spectators on the ground

As the match is not being held here in India, all fans can disappoint. But the UAE ECB secretary Mubashshir Usmani says that not many but some fans will be allowed to enter the stadium and enjoy the moment. Approval for 30% of people is being asked from the UAE government, but the decision is still yet to make.

As we all know, the world’s current situation, the COVID-19 pandemic, is still torturing the globe. Rumors are already spread, that 2020 is a dark era, not only In India but around the world people have witnessed the outcome of the dark era. Amid these crises, BCCI has already announced the date of the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League. It’s sad to hear that IPL-2020 won’t be conducted in India. As the COVID-19 cases are increasing day by day in the country, BCCI has decided to schedule IPL-2020 in UAE instead of India. 

IPL 13 Premiere Date 2020

The sports Authority of UAE in a statement mentioned that ” we are proud to host IPL-2020 In our country.” the Statment proved that UAE cricket association is quite happy with the decision of BCCI. IPL-2020 in UAE will strengthen the relationship between India and the UAE and bring several business opportunities further. 

Every cricket fans worldwide are quite happy, as the entire world is forced to stay inside their home, IPL-2020 will surely slaughter their boredom. Keeping track of the COVID-19 threat, BCCI has issued several guidelines that every player should follow. Following these Guidelines is mandatory, or else they will face the consequences.

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