IPL 2020 Cancelled? Latest News, Updates on IPL-2020

IPL 2020 Cancelled? Latest News, Updates on IPL-2020

IPL 2020 Cancelled: The Havoc created by COVID-19 is immense, and still the virus is torturing the world. Amid Coronavirus, many sectors were forced to shut down, and several governments also registered mass migration in their countries. The Havoc created by COVID-19 is tremendous, and the world will take an unusual time to settle.

Amid these Crises, the BCCI is all set to conduct IPL-2020 in UAE; however, this is not stated yet from BCCI, but our sources never lie. I want to inform you all that this upcoming event is the 13th Edition of Indian Premier League and this series or we can say the tournament is a kind of festival in India.

IPL 2020 Cancelled?

According to our sources, BCCI is not making anything official because the ICC League, which is ICC T-20 World-Cup 2020 is on the line and it was scheduled to take place in the recent month. Amid COVID-19 crises the ICC is not able to make any decisions regarding this tournament, as the host Cricket Australia had denied to entertain ICC-2020 T-20 Worldcup in Australia.

After asking ICC about this, the representative mentioned that the T-20 World Cup seems uncertain for all professionals due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Australian Cricket Board stated that Australia would not host this event in the country as the league seems unrealistic due to the current situation.

As we all know, the COVID outbreak is growing day by day, and taking this into account, IPl-2020 will be played behind closed doors. Well, I don’t consider this to be a problem because fans will enjoy IPl on TV or their favourite platform. BCCI chose the UAE for this launch because the stadiums in the UAE are close to each other so that teams do not encounter any difficulties in travelling.

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