Is America ready to Celebrate the 4th of July? Trump Ignoring Every Warning From The Health Officials?

4th of july
On the 4th of July, Amid Coronavirus crises, The Americans are all set to celebrate their Independence Day, 4th of July will be celebrated along with US President Donald Trump at the Nation’s trade Center. The country will witness one of the most unimaginable fireworks in the history of America.
Keeping the COVID-19 threat in cognizance, the authorities will also distribute 30,000 face masks, but no one would have to wear them. It’s their personal choice whether they aspire to wear a mask or not.
David Bernhardt, Chief of interior secretary, reported that the second year of military-oriented independence day events would be held on Wednesday, along with the department of defense in the Capital.
Bernhardt stated that ” Warm wishes to President Donald Trump and the United States, this 2020 Independence day celebration will be a patriotic tribute to our men and women serving our motherland”.
He also stated that the 4th of July would be celebrated with shots of 10,000 fireworks, which would be the most prominent in American history.
As we all know, Coronavirus has affected America the most, but still, Americans will fearlessly celebrate this occasion. Recently Donald Trump was criticized for arranging a massive Campaign rally along with several cultural activities ignoring the COVID-19 crisis.

Trump Ignoring Every Warning From The Health Officials?

Muriel Bowser, The Mayor of Washington, is deeply concerned with this decision and has warned the administration about the risks that would be produced because of these large gatherings.
Browser stated that she addressed the ministry of interior and explained to them about the chaos created by such enormous gatherings.
She stated, ” We all know that the 4th of July is one of the most important days for every American, as this was the day when our motherland got independence, but we also cannot avoid the increasing cases of Coronavirus in the country.
This is not a suitable time to organize any of these events, but still, if the government wants to, it would be solely on federal resources”.
Washington is currently at stage 2 concerning its opening program, and Bowser also told that the country should avoid large gatherings, rally, and social activities. The residents should celebrate July 4th near their apartments despite taking part in these risky rally’s.
The interior officials are about to distribute 30,000 face masks to the residents, but have they mentioned, that wearing masks are mandatory?

4th of July Celebration In the USA

According to the recommendations of national health officials, the one who is attending this rally should maintain social Distancing. The residents should stand at least six feet away from each other.
This year the event will take place without military equipment. After Trump expressed appreciation for France’s military-themed parades, last year’s Independence Day was honored with Trump’s speech near the Lincoln Memorial and military walkway, including displays of combat vehicles from Bradley.
I hope you have enjoyed this article, and we also wish our American readers a peaceful 4th of July. Stay Home and stay safe; if anything new happens, world wire will notify you.
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