Is this the Fall of North Korea? Is Kim Jong Un really severely ill?

Is this the Fall of North Korea

Is this the Fall of North Korea? South Korea has said that those reports are not true, stating that North Korean leader Kim Jong is seriously ill after heart surgery.

It is as usual impossible to confirm headlines that say Kim Jong is seriously ill, brain dead, or recovering after an operation. But the President’s Office in South Korea has said that there are no indications that 36-year-old Kim Jong is seriously ill.

Although this is not the first time that rumors have arisen regarding his health, he was later dismissed.

Is this the Fall of North Korea? Is Kim Jong Un really severely ill?

Is this the Fall of North Korea
Is this the Fall of North Korea

How the speculation started

Kim Jong Un did not attend her grandfather’s birthday celebration on April 15. It is one of the biggest events of the year for the country. Kim Jong Un’s grandfather was the founder of North Korea.

Kim Jong Un also never missed the event. It seems almost impossible that they decide not to attend this program. It was only after this that a period of speculation about his non-presence began. Anyway, it is not easy to confirm this.

He was last shown in the state media on April 12, while he was inspecting fighter jets. However, there was no date in that handout. In those pictures, he could be seen as carefree and comfortable as ever.

We also know from the dispatch of government media that a day before, he chaired an important political meeting. But they have not been seen since.

Last week, when the North Korean government media gave information about the missile test, there was no mention of Kim Jong Un’s presence. However, his picture is usually seen on such occasions.

Reporting from North Korea is difficult even on good days. North Korea closed its borders in late January due to Kovid-19. In this situation, reporting has become more difficult.

Is this the Fall of North Korea
Is this the Fall of North Korea

On Tuesday, a website of people fleeing North Korea claimed Kim Jong Un’s poor health.

Daily NK quoted an unnamed source as claiming that Kim Jong has been struggling with heart disease since August last year. His illness increased after several visits to Mount Pact.

Since then, many international media started quoting this one source. News agencies also started running this claim. There have been some reports that intelligence agencies of South Korea and America are keeping an eye on this claim.

Meanwhile, another sensational headline came to the US media that the North Korean leader was in critical condition after heart surgery. However, the statement of the South Korean government and a source of China’s intelligence agency has told the news agency Reuters that this is not true.

But it is also worth noting that no one has denied that Kim Jong Un has had heart surgery. South Korea and China have just denied that Kim Jong is seriously ill. The people of North Korea are generally not informed about the health of their leader.

Is this the Fall of North Korea
Is this the Fall of North Korea

Have been missing before

This is not the first time Kim Jong Un disappeared. In the year 2014, he remained absent for 40 days from early September. After this, many rumors arose.

There was also a rumor among them that they were removed from power after the rebellion.

However, he later appeared in a picture with a stick. The government media at that time admitted that they were in some annoying physical problem. But nothing was said about the rumor, which said that he had got arthritis.

Is this the Fall of North Korea
Is this the Fall of North Korea

Succession planning

If anything happens to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, there is no clarity about who will be his successor. For years, Kim Jong Un’s father prepared him to lead the country. The Kim Empire looked secure.

Kim’s sister Kim Yo Jong seems to be the obvious choice to be the successor. He is part of the blood of the Kim Empire (the blood of the Pectus family).

Also, they often remain in their own good news. Last week, he made a public statement for the first time. He can always be seen with his brother at important gatherings.

But at the moment, we can only wait to see if North Korea responds to all these things. The truth is that when it comes to the health of the North Korean leader, people are often shooting arrows in the dark.

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