Is Tony Lopez Dead or Alive? Check Tony Lopez Death Hoax Twitter Reaction Here

Tony Lopez is an American TikTok star who is also popular because of the famous duo Lopez Brothers Tony himself and his brother Ondreaz Lopez. His famous “tonylopez” TikTok account has a massive following of over 19 million followers. He and Ondreaz also have a YouTube channel called Lopez Brothers, where they have posted many challenges and dance videos. The rumors about Tony Lopez’s death surfaced the internet again; let’s see the facts behind this rumor.

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Is Tony Lopez dead?

No, the 20-year-old American TikTok star is very much alive and healthy. It seems he has become the victim of the internet scam. He is yet another internet personality that seems to have been subjected to a death rumor. Many media outlets started positing that Tony Lopez died in a car crash and that he was found in an alleyway. So much so that even his parents have been said to be commenting on this post saying he died. But none of these media outlets are right and it all just a hoax, and later this news just snowballed itself and became the talk on the internet.

Tony Lopez death hoax Twitter reaction:

When these rumors started to surface on the internet, his fans and others instantly begun posting on Twitter. Some started expressing their grief while some started bursting out, saying that he is very much alive. This snowballing of news took its course, but it’s not new since this news has been common now since many celebrities got roped into this hoax. Before Tony Lopez, others got into this death hoax and were hit by the fan’s reactions.

How did Toney Lopez’s react to the death hoax?

Tony Lopez reacted to this death hoax via a twitter post. His fans were extremely confused when the news came out, and they saw him still posting on his social media pages. It created a ruckus and confusion in the minds of the fans, and he cleared up via a twitter post. This was necessary has many things been piling up, and many had started believing the car accident hoax. But the fans breathed a huge sigh of relief when they came across the news that this was all a lie, and Tony Lopez is alive and breathing and posting on his Instagram. Have a look at the tweet he made below:

Don’t worry, people, your favorite TikTok start Tony Lopez is alive, and this was all a hoax where he was an unfortunate victim. There has been no car accident, nor is he dead. So chill and relax and enjoy the content he posts. And until then, for more such updates, stay tuned to us, we bring for you the latest in the entertainment industry and all about the new upcoming web series.

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