Latest News - Is Vigo Video Banned in India? Other 58 Chinese Apps are Banned too: Check Why?

Is Vigo Video Banned in India? Other 58 Chinese Apps are Banned too: Check Why?

Vigo Video

Is Vigo Video Banned in India: If you are the user of a Vigo Video app and you love using it a lot then this is bad news for you. As per the reports, the Vigo Video app will no longer be available for Indian users. The app is banned in India along with the 58 other apps. Reports are coming that the Indian Government is all set to ban the 59 apps in India to ensure the safety of the Indian users. This decision is taken by the Indian Home Ministry after getting a complaint from the Cyber Crime Branch of India.

So let’s move into the story fully, at first we heard that India is about to ban the few Chinese apps because of the privacy issue but then they went ahead a step and banned almost 59 apps from India. Now the changes haven’t yet done by the Google Playstore yet as the apps are still available to download but the sources are saying that they won’t be there for long. This is good news as the Indian users were waiting for something like this to happen.

Is Vigo Video Banned in India?

As soon as the news emerged the users started checking out their favorite apps on their phones. Well, the apps which are downloaded are going to be in the phone until you uninstall it but the reports are claiming that the users won’t be able to download or update the banned apps in India. Yes! Vigo Video was one of those 89 apps which got banned in India.

Vigo Video

Vigo Video is Banned?

You must know that the Vigo Video app which got banned in India is very popular among young adults and teenagers. The app is kind of a platform where the users can share the video, can go live, and talk to people. The app is free to use though you can buy some points/coins/prizes to get some special features but other than that Vigo Video app is absolutely free.

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