IT Decision Makers to Providers on Cloud Migration

IT Decision Makers to Providers on Cloud Migration

IT decision-makers are becoming heavily dependent on service providers to seek help for cloud migration.

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IT Decision Makers To Providers On Cloud Migration

A new study has found that service providers are turning into assistance providers for cloud migration to help IT leaders in cloud technology.

According to the survey ‘The Cloud Migration Reality Check’ by RapidScale based on 500 IT decision-makers in North America, 90% of the decision-makers reported that they underestimated the complexity of cloud migrations.

Out of that, 47% expect “improved application performance and operational efficiency” from the provider’s assistance for cloud migration.

The survey report also found that 68% of decision-makers reported that only half of their IT environments had been migrated to the cloud, while 35% reported following cloud migration significantly.

Furthermore, 43% noted they have IT and data security concerns with cloud migration. The survey revealed that almost all respondents use providers for some aspects of cloud migrations, including assistance with application development/modernization, cloud infrastructure design and deployment, and database migration or application refactoring.

Around 59% seek help for app modernization, and around 54% prefer providers’ help for cloud infrastructure.

IT Decision Makers to Providers on Cloud Migration

Cloud migration involves moving applications and data from one location, generally a company’s private, on-site or on-premises servers, to a public cloud provider’s servers and also between different clouds.

Cloud migration is a complex task for IT leaders because it involves various technical challenges and needs to make important decisions about cloud providers, migration strategies and application modernization.

The new survey report has concluded that IT decision-makers are now dependent on service providers to assist with cloud migrations.

In a statement, RapidScale vice president and general manager Duane Barne said, “RapidScale plays a pivotal role in providing expertise across a spectrum of services, from application modernization to cloud infrastructure design, simplifying IT and unleashing innovation for businesses.”

“Organizations that leverage expertise and resources offered by proficient partners like RapidScale can mitigate risks and capitalize on the potential that the cloud can deliver,” he added.

The report also found that 31% of applicants need to perform better due to migration complexity. About 40% of respondents noted unexpected costs for supporting both on-premises and cloud operations and cloud sprawl, whereas many respondents found that manual work on cloud issues also causes unexpected costs.

Again, RapidScale’s survey report stated that the increasing migration to the cloud has led many IT companies to invest in the cloud.

For instance, one of the world’s most popular information and technology companies in February, Capgemini said it would invest an average of $1 billion in the cloud in the next 3-5 years.

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