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Jeremy's Razor

Razors are one of the generally used items by men. Be it for personal grooming, facial grooming, or for any other purposes; they form a necessary accessory in a men’s grooming toolkit. A new razor, Jeremy’s razors, is gaining fame for its features and several political reasons.

This product is increasingly going viral in the United States and is also receiving immense promotion in publicity. 

What are Jeremy’s Razors? 

The co-CEO of Daily Wire, Jeremy Boreing, founded this chain of razors in his name. The razors are named Jeremy’s Razors and possess some top-notch features and are going viral.

The product, Jeremy’s Razor, was also introduced in immediate open competition with Harry’s, another company delivering identical products. There was a dispute between The Daily Wire and Harry’s, which is well reported.

The newly launched shaving kit contains shaving cream, a high-quality founder’s razor, after-shave balm, an 8-blade subscription, and a travel-friendly pouch. The kit also contains a tea smell and fresh menthol, which ignites a delighted feeling.

The product comes with a personalized signature, and this has given it extra perks to it. You can also add the impression of using a ‘protest’ commodity.

Jeremy's Razors Review
Jeremy’s Razors Review

Features of the Jeremy’s Razors

  • The razor is made up of the tungsten handle, rejuvenation that repairs the skin.
  • The razor has strong pivots
  • It has a rubber handle.
  • It contains sharp blades.

Jeremy’s Razor Commercial

It is nearly a year after Harry’s removed its ads, The Daily Wire has initiated its new razors alongside a humorous four-minute outstanding web ad which is the talk of the internet nowadays.

The ad starts with “god-king” Boreing setting fire to rubber to work in an electric-blue McLaren. After virtually jogging over an employee in the parking lot, he exits the car and asks, “Do you recall when there were only two genders, and only one and a half of them had to trim their mustaches?”

And that is only the warm-up.

Jeremy's Razor Commercial
Jeremy’s Razor Commercial

He whips out the flame thrower and further adds, “If you have had enough of the woke bullshit,” and you are tired of paying groups like Gillette and Harry’s to hate you, then get my new razor instead.

Along with flame throwers, the ad also features sexy women, hot cars, a shirtless, carved Adonis, and that is the most homoerotic time you will ever get from a Jeremy’s Razors commercial and over-caffeinated Dennis Miller as it defines Jeremy as the razor of choice for men, firefighters, cowboys, and ‘those gentlemen who shot Osama bin Laden.’ The ad is marked as funny. However, it is not all over-the-top humor.

Jeremy's Razors Commercial
Jeremy’s Razors Commercial

“Our country is in distress,” Boreing instructs as the commercial draws to a climax. “Conservatives are being abolished by the media, Hollywood, universities, and now, Harry’s Razors. Resist lending your money to woke companies who do not believe you deserve their product. Offer it to me instead,” he concludes as a huge flag emblazoned with his picture, and the phrase “Shut Up and Shave” unfurls from the roof.

The commercial is entertaining, and the product illustration comprises “the best shave kit ever built and its preferred pronouns are Buy Now.” 

Is Jeremy’s Razors commercial “the greatest ever “?

Of course not. However, that is part of the joke. This ad is a good time not to cite a shrewd company move in a world where brands in every category are working so energetically to out-woke one another.

Jeremy’s Razors Price 

Jeremy Razors’ publicity and promotional techniques are titled masculine and appealing to men for many reasons.

  • Their publicity includes setting fire to Harry’s products and different hyper-masculine aspects.
  • Jeremy Boreing demonstrated that he had already sold numerous razors and ensured buyers that this was a superior quality product.
  • There is a Founder’s Kit available on its official website, which is accessible for pre-order at $59.99.

Where can you buy Jeremy Razors?

The kit is available for pre-order at the website or 

Jeremy’s Razor Review 

This product is getting viral in the United States for its bold competition with Harry’s because of its advertisements, the political essence of its launch, and the promotional technique. 

  • There was an advertisement agreement between The Daily Wire and Harry’s company.
  • Their razors were promoted on The Daily Wire, and Harry’s had the choice to quit anytime.
  • However, this agreement arrived at an immediate end after Harry publicly criticized the company for some of its statements.
  • It did not stand well with the leaders at The Daily Wire, including co-CEO Jeremy Boreing who inaugurated his line of razors.

Apart from being a brand with an endeavor against woke companies, could Jeremy Razors hit Harry’s Razor or Gillette?

Harry’s Razors Vs. Jeremy’s Razors

Jeremy's Razors vs other Razor Brands
Jeremy’s Razors vs. other Razor Brands

Harry’s Razors has survived in the market for a long time, and as a result, the company understands what users prefer. However, being made in China, Harry’s blades need replacement more frequently than those of similar razors of other brands whereas, whereas Jeremy’s Razors look promising, although it has not been examined by the public yet.

 Jeremy’s Razors – Pros 

  • The shaving kit comes in a clean case.
  • The kit contains shaving cream, after-shave balm, and a blade subscription.
  •  You can customize your further subscription plans for blades after pre-ordering them.
  • The razors are provided with sharp cutting edges for a perfect look.

Jeremy’s Razors – Cons

  • This shaving kit is quite expensive for some shoppers.
  • There are no user reviews of the product available on the official website.

What do users say about Jeremy Razors? is a redirected site for that has earned user responses over YouTube. Also, on YouTube, users recorded that it is an original site, but none of them talked about the product’s quality. 

However, on Twitter, customers are extremely eager to see the release of this shaving kit, and many of them have pre-booked it. 

Who is Jeremy Boreing?

As the company is named after its founder Jeremy, let’s have a glance at who the person is. Jeremy Danial Boreing, age 43 years, was born on 5 February 1979 in Slaton, Texas.

He is presently the co-CEO of the conservative website The Daily Wire. He is also an effective producer, political commentator, screenwriter, and director.

Boring was a member of Coattails Entertainment, a production company, from 2006 – 2010. He was also the co-writer and producer of the 2007 horror movie Spiral with Moore, as well as Jeff Mizushima’s 2009 comedy movie Etienne. After the abolition of Coattails, he founded the independent film studio Declaration Entertainment along with Bill Whittle. He served as a guest columnist for the conservative websites and Big Hollywood. In March 2022, Boreing initiated a line of subscription-based shaving razors, Jeremy’s Razors, openly opposing former Daily Wire sponsor Harry’s Razors.

Closing Comments

There you have it – WorldWire’s take on Jeremy’s Razors. They are getting quite popular due to their eye-catchy commercials, and their products are also looking quite promising. However, their official website doesn’t boast customer reviews, and on top of that, their shaving kit is quite costly compared to other brands such as Gillette. Therefore, we have a mixed opinion on Jeremy’s Razors. We will still wait for the customer’s opinion on it.

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