Jody Glidden Net Worth – How Much is He Worth?

Jody Glidden Net Worth

Everyone wants to know about Jody Glidden and his personal life, such as his net worth, as has been in the news since the Real Housewives of Miami actress Lisa Hochstein announced her relationship with him. He is best known as Lisa’s boyfriend.

Additionally, he is gaining prominence as a successful tech entrepreneur since his software company, Introhive, has been featured as one of the fastest-growing companies.

So, to provide all the information about the celebrity Jody Glidden, we have created this article with details such as his net worth, early life, relationships, and more. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin. 

What is Jody Glidden net worth in 2024

What is Jody Glidden net worth in 2024

As of 2024, Jody Glidden’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million. He is a successful entrepreneur who owns a software company, Introhive, and makes millions of dollars annually. 

Also, Glidden has reportedly invested in real estate properties and possesses many luxurious cars. However, we have yet to determine the exact figures for these details. 

Jody Glidden Biography and Early Life

Jody Glidden Biography and Early Life

Full Name Jody Glidden
Birth Date September 1973
Birth Place Canada
Early Life
Private individual, little known about childhood or parents
Education Studied two years of computer science at the University of New Brunswick and dropped out to start a business career.
Resumed studies in 2003, completed in 2005.
Master’s degree in IT management from Harvard University in 2011.
Began career as a lecturer in software at a technology college, joined in 1996,
Founded icGlobal, and served as CEO and director at SmartForce
Co-founded Chalk Media in 2005
COO and CTO co-founded Introhive in 2011
Net Worth
$10 million
Lisa Hochstein

Jody Glidden, the founder and chief executive of Introhive, was born in September 1973 in Canada. He is a private person who has not shared many details about his childhood or parents. Thus, very little is known about his early life. 

As far as his education is concerned, Glidden studied two years of computer science at the University of New Brunswick after completing high school. However, he dropped out to start a business career. Glidden resumed his study in 2003 and completed it in 2005. He obtained his Master’s degree in IT management from Harvard University in 2011. 

According to the report, Glidden began his career as a lecturer in the software department at a technology college. In 1996, he joined. as a product and engineering leader. (Later, the company was acquired by CBT Systems) 

After gaining sufficient knowledge, Glidden left CBT Systems and founded hai own company, icGlobal, and served as its chief executive. He had also served as a director at SmartForce. 2005, he founded Chalk Media and became its chief operating officer and technology officer. 

After earning years of experience in software technology, he co-founded Introhive in 2011. The company offers a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform, helping organizations to navigate and use their data effectively.

The company provides AI-powered technology to help organizations increase profit by improving customer experience management. Introhive has been listed on Deloitte’s 50 fastest-growing companies for four consecutive years. In 2023, Glidden launched ‘Postilize,’ “a software for  cultivating customers via social AI.”

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Jody Glidden’s Girlfriend & Personal Life

Jody Glidden's Girlfriend & Personal Life
Credit – US Weekly

Jody Glidden is reportedly the boyfriend of Lisa Hochstein, a television star best known for acting in Real Housewives of Miami. He often appeared in news headlines after the actress publicly confirmed her relationship with the entrepreneur in February 2023.  

Lisa Hochstein said about Glidden, “I’m dating this guy. He’s a great guy. He’s been super supportive of me. He has empathy. He cares. He wants to motivate me to do better and be my best. So, it’s a lot of things that I am not used to dealing with or used to having from my previous relationship.” Lisa is the ex-wife of Lenny Hochstein, a successful plastic surgeon. 

Glidden was earlier married to Rabia in September 2021 after dating the woman for four years in 2017. It is also reported that he has a daughter born in 2009 from his previous relationship, whom he raised with Rabia. Glidden and Rabia did not have children from their relationship. 

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How did Jody Glidden make his money?

How did Jody Glidden make his money?

Jody Glidden makes most of his money through his tech career. His primary and major income constitutes his profit as a president and chief executive of his company, Introhive, one of the fastest growing companies in the world.   

According to the reports, the company raised around $135 million in revenue and is expected to make $100 million ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) within 2-3 years.

Does Jody Glidden have any children?

Yes. According to the sources, Glidden has one 14-year-old daughter born in 2009 from his previous relationship. However, his daughter’s name is unknown since he prefers to keep his personal life out of media and public influence.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much is Jody Glidden net worth? 

According to a recent estimate, Jody Glidden net worth is $10 million. 

What does Jody Glidden do? 

Jody Glidden is the President and Chief Executive Officer of a software company, Introhive, which he co-founded in 2011.  

Is Jody Glidden married? 

Jody Glidden is currently in a relationship with the Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein. He was previously married to a woman called Rabia in 2021.  

Does Jody Glidden have kids? 

Jody Glidden is reportedly the father of a teenage daughter whose name is unknown. 

When was Jody Glidden born? 

Jody Glidden was born in September 1973. 

How old is Jody Glidden? 

Jody Glidden is 49 years old. 

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