Jonathan Cahn is going to speak at the Renewal Event in Florida

The author and the novelist famous for his ‘The Harbinger’, Jonathan Cahn was born in 1959. He is a Messianic Jewish minister who made prophetic claims about Donald Trump.

Cahn founded the Beth Israel Worship Center in Wayne.

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Jonathan Cahn as a speaker at the Renewal event in Florida

Jonathan Cahn is one of the speakers at The Renewal event which is taking place on January 8th, 2022. It will be held in Florida.

Jonathan Cahn’s Ministry

Cahn leads the Beth Israel Worship Center congregation. It is said that its “liturgy focuses on Jesus as savior.”

Cahn believes that the pursuit of gay rights, abortion, and the lack of public role in our lives have changed was. People of the US are getting away from religion and their true path.

In his book, The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times, he compares Trump with King Jehu. Jehu was the king of the northern kingdom of Israel. Jehu effectively led ancient Israel away from idolatry.

Cahn’s Beth Israel Worship Center congregation was initially located in Garfield, New Jersey. It moved to Wayne, New Jersey in 2008.

The local leaders viewed this movement as suspicious. With Cahn and his group’s arrival, North Jersey’s YM-YWHA gathered the members of Jews and Judaism and held a counter missionary event.

On this, Cahn said, “the congregation has no intention of ‘targeting’ the Jewish community. However, anybody is welcome at the center.”

Cahn also said that Donald Trump’s rise was prophesied in the bible.

Jonathan Cahn’s personal life

Cahn belongs to a Jewish family and was born in New York State. His father is claimed to be an extremely religious person as he went to the synagogue frequently. His father was also a Holocaust refugee.

Cahn went to SUNNY Purchase and completed his degree in history.

Cahn started “Hope of the World Ministries” (HOW) in 1989.

Books by Jonathan Cahn

  • The Harbinger
  • The Harbinger 2
  • The book of Mysteries
  • The Oracle: The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled
  • El Presagio 2
  • The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint that Holds the Mysteries of Our Times.
  • The mystery of the Shemitah
  • The Harbinger Companion
  • El Presagio
  • El Oraculo
  • Der Vorbote 2
  • The Divine Mysteries
  • El Libro De Los Misterios
  • The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment (2012)
  • El Misterio Shemitah
  • Praise the Lord (1973)

About “The Renewal” event

This “not a political event” according to the press release, focuses on the renewal of the age-old American Covenant made with God. The renewal is referred to as a day filled with heritage, history, faith, praise, and worship. 

There will be speakers from different fields like entertainment, military, politics, will speak about faith and God.

To spread the significance of the covenant, this event will be telecasted on national television. 

Also, there will be a color guard marching band performing at the event. Earlier, on September 26, 2020, an event called The Return: National and Global Day of Prayer and Repentance happened.

According to a biblical template, The Renewal is the next step after The Return. Kevin Jessip, President at Global Strategic Alliance inc. said, “The Renewal is about restoring our covenant with God,” adding, “It started with The Return with repentance, now we’re going through reconciliation and restoration, which is renewing the covenant we broke with Almighty God. In The Renewal, we are saying, ‘Lord, have mercy on us in the midst of the redemptive judgments happening.’”

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