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About Diane Allen

Diane Allen was born on March 8, 1948. Allen is a successful American Journalist and News anchor. She represented the 7th legislative district as a Republican Politician in New Jersey from 1996 to 1998. She also represented the same in the New Jersey senate from 1998 to 2018. 

From 1998 to 2001, Allen was the Senate majority whip. Then from 2002 to 2003, she was the deputy republican conference leader. While in New Jersey Senate, she served as the deputy minority leader. 

In 2021, Jack Ciattarelli announced Allen as the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor. But, in the election, they lost to democrat Phil Murphy and Sheila Oliver.  Before her political upsurge, Allen started at an early age through her broadcast career. In 1970, she began with WJJZ, an AM radio station based in Mount Holly, New Jersey. Allen worked with the ABC affiliate in Chicago and then with the NBC affiliate in Philadelphia. 


In 1966, Allen graduated as the Valedictorian of the Moorestown High School. Also, Allen has crowned Miss Burlington County in 1969. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the Bucknell University of Pennsylvania.

Apart from her education, she also won a national competition of hand gliding in 1973.

Diane Allen Family

While Allen belonged to Moorestown, she is now residing in Edgewater Park Township. Allen lives with her husband, Sam Allen. They both are parents to two children and four grandchildren.

Allen is the winner of the hand gliding competition and also won the title of a beauty pageant. Apart from this, she pilot, sharpshooter, and a national swimming champion.

Diane Allen was diagnosed with an aggressive form of oral cancer. She announced her cancer on November 9, 2009. Allen battled the disease and came out victorious. 

Diane Allen net worth

According to many reliable sources, it is claimed that Diane Allen’s is $500,000 to date.

Diane Allen political career

In the 1970s, Allen first ran for the elective office of Moorestown Public School’s board of education. 

Later she shifted to her real political career as in 1995, republican politician Glenn Paulsen asked her to run for assembly. They both won the general elections held in 1995, defeating the democrat, Steven M Petrillo, and his running mate, Joseph P Dugan. The first-ever election campaign crossed the $1 million spending mark by making $1.1 million in expenses. 

Allen’s New Jersey senate elections have brought laurels to her career as a politician, with more than half of percent votes in her favor. She consistently won every re-election during her 20-year long tenure.  She announced her nomination in 1997 and won 54% votes.

Allen won in 2001, 2003, 2007, 2011, 2013, defeating Louis Gallagher with 54% of the vote, Diane F. Gabriel with 60% of the vote, Rick Dennison of Florence with 56% of the vote, Carol Lokan-Moore with 90% of the vote, Gary Catrambone with 60% of the vote respectively.

During her tenure, she worked hard to make strict enforcement laws against discrimination and workplace harassment.  She also was a keen advocate of the equal pay law. Therefore, with her sheer hard work to make this a reality, Phil Murphy signed the Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act three months after leaving office.

On this, Phil Murphy said, “cement[ed Allen’s] legacy as a lawmaker who worked across the aisle to do the right things for our state.”


Allen was elected Chair of the National Foundation for Women Legislators in 2013. This American organization supports women who earned positions in politics and represents about 1800 female state legislators of America. Even after leaving her office, she worked for the betterment of women in society. She also started a committee called the political action committee to support women who run for public offices. 

Allen, a Quaker, got a lot of criticism for her religious beliefs during the 2002 United States senate campaign. She lost to Forrester, but it was a near-miss with 36.9% votes to Forrester’s 44.6%. Later on, Forrester was also defeated by Frank Lautenberg.

Ciattarelli announced Diane Allen, the former Senate member, as his running mate for the gubernatorial elections. This was announced in a press conference held in Allen’s hometown, Moorestown.

With “Jack and Diane” of John Cougar Mellencamp, Ciattarelli and Allen started their campaign. When someone from the crowd shouted “Good Luck” to Allen, she responded, “Good luck, indeed,” “My husband was on the phone for 45 minutes, and that was it — finally clicked off.”

She also added, “That’s how Gov. Murphy’s state of New Jersey is dealing with people,” These remarks were on how Murphy’s government didn’t do anything about the situation of unemployment. 

Allen also talked about the poor administration’s handling of rape claims. She spoke about Katie Brennan particularly, who accused Al Alvarez, a former Murphy campaign staffer.  Allen went on, saying, “And the governor really didn’t have time to talk with her. And then, the fellow that raped her — gave him a great job.”

Micah Rasmussen, the Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics at Rider University director, said, “I think we can look at this and say Jack made a great choice. It reflects the kind of choices he would make in office,”

Conservative remarks

Allen’s conservative remarks made several upheavals. She said, “I mean right now, look at all these people with COVID who are coming across the border, and it scares me. They’re put on buses. I’d expect some of them are coming up to New Jersey — not a good idea,”

These remarks were made the basis of Murphy’s campaign as they wanted to show how extremist are Ciattarelli and Allen as Trump Supporters. 

 Allen has actively supported Jack Ciattarelli’s bid for the Republican nomination for governor from the very beginning. Later on, Ciattarelli announced her as a supervisor for his anti-harassment policy campaigns. The two have also been cancer survivors. They both have battled through their lives to these positions. 

Allen received a lot of praises from Ciattarelli for her ideology of a fiscal conservative. He applauded her idea of cutting taxes down for the betterment of business and people.  Allen reciprocates the same for Ciattarelli and hence supports him. 

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