Juneteenth 2020 WhatsApp Messages Quotes Sayings Images Pictures Wallpapers Facebook Greetings, Instagram Stories, SMS, Wishes

Juneteenth 2020 WhatsApp Messages Quotes Sayings Images Pictures Wallpapers Facebook Greetings, Instagram Stories, SMS, Wishes: A very happy Juneteenth 2020 to all readers! Those of you who know about it can send their greetings to us, but those of you who do not, can read this piece and learn how and why to wish their friends and family a Happy Juneteenth 2020. This day officially recognizes the ending of slavery in the United States, which occurred on June 19th, 1865. This auspicious day is also known as Emancipation Day, Freedom Day, Cel-Liberation day, Jubilee Day, and also Juneteenth Independence Day

Juneteenth 2020

Juneteenth 2020

Juneteenth basically comes from the 19th day of June,  so from this day onwards, keeping slaves was declared as a crime in the US. The Juneteenth Day will see a surge in it’s importance as there is a spur in the Black Lives Matter movement and that is why this days celebration will be hyphenated with the movement taking place. The best you can do with the norms of social distancing and the pandemonium in place is that you could send heartfelt messages on WhatsApp or Facebook wishing them joy and how much you support them!

Juneteenth 2020 WhatsApp Messages

Juneteenth 2020

The day is celebrated by various historical re-enactments through plays, street fairs, parades, reunions, parties and events all over the country. As for all the celebrations, food is an inherent part and a majority of red colored dishes are made! These include red coloured cakes like red velvet, red colours soda and strawberry pie, watermelon soda and several others! The story behind making red coloured dishes is that it represents the dreadful bloodshed that occurred during the slave trade years. But, if you’re still stuck on how to wish your African-American friends, we have come to your rescue! 

Juneteenth 2020 Quotes

Juneteenth 2020,

A few messages to send on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram 

  1. Happy Juneteenth to friends, family and all Americans! 
  1. Wishing you and all loved ones a Happy Juneteenth 2020 #AllLivesMatter
  1. Happy Juneteenth 2020!

These are fairly generalized messages but we recommend you to write a more personal and heartfelt text to your African American friends so that they feel you truly care about them. 

Juneteenth 2020 Sayings

Juneteenth 2020

To be more creative and send a heartfelt message cross, stickers are an easy way to communicate your best wishes. All you can do is simply download the Juneteenth stickers from Play Store and send it across to all friends and family via WhatsApp! 

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