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    The “Justice for J6” rally is billed by its organizers as a protest for defendants who are in custody in connection to the violence that took place on Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol. 

    Justice for J6 rally at the US Capitol

    Protesters opposing the prosecution of those who attacked the Capitol on January 6 will participate in the “Justice for J6” demonstration on Saturday.

    In the first place, some claimed responsibility for the deadly attack on Jan. 6. Capital on left-wing Antifa antagonists, which was quickly debunked. Next, comparisons were drawn between the rioters and peaceful protesters or even tourists.

    Now allies of former President Donald Trump are calling those charged in the Capitol riot “political prisoners,” an attempt to rewrite the history of that deadly event.

    An event planned for Saturday at the Capitol is part of an effort to obscure what played out before everyone’s eyes: rioters loyal to the then-president storming the building, battling police, and trying to keep Congress from certifying the election of Democrat Joe Biden.

    The Justice for J6 rally planned for this Saturday, September 18, is being organized by former Trump campaign operative Matt Braynard and his Look Ahead America organization. Over 570 individuals have been accused of participating in the January 6 riot at the Capitol – people Braynard refers to as “political prisoners” and “nonviolent protesters” despite the five deaths and multiple injuries that occurred.

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