Kami no Tou: Tower Of God Episode 12 Release Date, Spoilers, Cast, & Watch Online

In what was the most awaited action and dark fantasy based webtoon, Tower of God’s first episode finally aired on April 1. As the season’s 11th episode has already been aired, we can expect the 12th one too! It is claimed that this season will have a total of 13 episodes, so brace yourself as this one will eventually be a prelude to the 13th one.

Kami No Tou Episode 12

 This thrilling anime is following the storyline of an interesting Korean Webtoon, Tower of God. So, do not expect any spoilers coming out for this particular one! If you really cannot hold back and want to watch Tower of God Episode 12 badly, you should read the Tower of God Webtoon and you will know what it has to offer, but that shall take away all the excitement from it, right?

But if we do get hold of any updates at all, we will definitely post it here and update it, so make sure you check out this website constantly and you will be sorted!

Kami no Tou delayed release date

Do to the Coronavirus, we all are suffering, and so are our beloved people who are working meticulously to bring our to you this amusing Webtoon. And what comes out as amazing news for die-hard fans can, since Episode 11 of the Tower of God was released on 10th of June, we expect a lovely storyline of Episode 12 on the 17th of June 2020 at 00:30 JST.

Moreover, on the following lines, a new episode is going to come out every Wednesday! So every week now promises to be fun with these fun filled characters and their experiences and it’ll definitely be worth the wait, note it!

Where to watch Tower of God Episode 12?

 On the eminent channel Crunchroll, merely with a cable subscription, you can watch the most awaited Episode 12 of Tower of God in Japanese audio. But don’t worry, they provide English subtitles too. You can also use other means such as using an unofficial/ unauthorized website that undertakes its streaming, but it isn’t very ethical. Moreover, reading Manga is also not cool!

Kami no Tou

Tower of God Episode 12 English Dub

If you are an ardent fan but do not understand Japanese at all and are very tired of just understanding content through subtitles, you can take a deep breath and go on the seventh heaven as Crunchroll has decided that it will come with an English dub!

Pray that everything goes well and as per schedule and you will no longer have to stick to Japanese audies! If things do not get affected, Tower of God Episode 12 will finally have a English dub by 29th of July, 2020!

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