Karunya Lottery KR 457 Results 18-07-2020 Kerala Lottery Result Live Today; 80 Lakh Prize

Karunya Lottery KR 457

Karunya Lottery KR 457 Results 18-07-2020: Karunya Lottery result of 18th July 2020 will be published on our website. We are quite excited to tell you that the Karunya Lottery KR 457 Results of 18-07-2020 is all set to be out. As soon as the result gets out we will publish it here and the readers will be able to check out the result on the official webpage also. Overall, the Kerala Lottery result gets out every day and the viewers are going to get the result of the lottery on our webpage. The winning number of the lottery will be published here and everyone can easily check out the lottery here.

Karunya Lottery KR 457

The winner of the Karunya Lottery KR 457 Results of 18-07-2020 will get the first amount of 80 Lakh and that is huge. We are pretty sure that all the fans would jump from nowhere to get the latest Karunya Lottery KR 457 Results of 18-07-2020. If you have any question then you can always ask us down and now let’s check out the result below. You must also know that the result will be updated here whenever it gets out so chill.

Karunya Lottery KR 457 Results of 18-07-2020

Every Saturday the government of Kerala announces the result and then the results get out for the people. The Karunya Lottery is a weekly lottery conducted by the Kerela Government every Saturday. The basic of this lottery is the same as usual and here the winner gets the high prizes like Rs.5000, Rs.1000, Rs.500, Rs.100, and Rs.50 if they don’t come first, second, or even third. It means that it gives a big amount to everyone who wins the lottery till 8h position.

Now if we talk about the ticket then we can say that the Karunya Lottery ticket is so cheap that anybody can buy it. A total of 30 lakh tickets are sold in 5 series. Also, they all are printed with numbers starting from 100,000, each bearing an alphabetic code. Overall, you can check all the updates here once the result gets out. Those who have been purchased the Karunya Lottery KR 457 knows the basic of this lottery from the Kerala Government.

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